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Want to learn about AT&T now cancel your subscription? You just arrived at the right page.

The subscription on Zero Fuss U-verse is owned by AT&T, one of the leading United States telecommunication providers. It included Phone, internet package, and TV till 2016 when the firm got split into 3 self-branch. Since then U-verse rolled into a distinct television platform that is accessible by millions of members around the U.S.

How to cancel AT&T TV subscription Manually

AT&T owns a high spot when it comes to the provider’s list for years. Yet as a member one might feel the subscription to be insufficient sometimes, or may face irregularities or weak performance in relation to its monthly charges. 

So go through the methods below in order to learn how to perform an AT&T TV cancel subscription.

How do I cancel my AT&T TV subscription over Phone

The subscription to AT&T cannot be canceled through an Email. Thereby one needs to contact and talk to the customer support team of the company so as to cancel the AT&T subscription.

Here it is how to cancel your AT&T TV Now subscription over the Phone:

Before you head toward the cancellation process one must make sure to keep the bills on U-verse with you as it may be required for the information of your account.

i. Call AT&T TV Now customer service
At first, dial the number of the customer support at 800-288-2020 and then hold for a while for the agent to response.

ii. Make request to cancel:
Next, make a request to cancel the subscription and also state the cancellation reason.

iii. Furnish the relevant details:
Then, furnish the agent with the details of the account such as the account number on the bill, including personal details like name, contact number, address, etc.

iv. Confirm the details:
Further, when confirmation of the details is done, the rep will track the subscription and will deliver a label on the prepaid return which will be wielded to return the equipment and it will be completed.

How to cancel AT&T Now subscription via Online

The steps on AT&T TV Now to cancel the subscription online are as follows:

  1. Go to the website of AT&T TV NOW:

    Firstly, visit the website at AT&T TV NOW from any desired web browsing site.
    (If the user is operating a smartphone, then click on the gear icon and hit the ‘Account Details’ tab.)

  2. Tap on Manage subscription:

    Select the ‘Manage subscription’ section.

  3. Hit on ‘Cancel’:

    Finally, choose the ‘I want to cancel’ option and carefully go through the instructed prompts.

Hence I hope you have got your answer to the queries on AT&T canceling the subscription and is helpful for you.

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