Cancel Ashley Madison Subscription

Ashley Madison is a well-known online dating and social networking platform.

So if you are a member of it and now want to cancel the Ashley Madison account, whichever the reason may be, you can easily remove the personal details and account data permanently.

Whether done with your dating event for better being or need a break, here is all the information required for how to cancel Ashley Madison. Thereby keep on reading it all the way to learn about Ashley Madison subscription cancellation methods.

How to cancel my Ashley Madison without entirely deleting the account

Listed below are the steps to cancel the Ashley Madison account without deleting the whole account:

Step a:
Firstly, enter the email address and password so as to log in to the account on Ashley Madison.

Step b:
In the next step, click on the ‘Manage Profile’ section in the navigation bar.

Step c:
Tap on the ‘Manage Subscriptions’ section.

Step d:
Now, select the subscription on Ashley Madison that you are looking to cancel.

Step e:
Then, confirm your selection that you desire to cancel the monthly fees paid to Ashley Madison and the process on ‘How to cancel Ashley Madison membership’ will be completed.

In case you want to deactivate the Ashley Madison Account rather than Ashley Madison cancels the subscription, then follow the points to deactivate account temporarily. The steps to cancel Ashley Madison membership for a time being are:

Step a:
To begin with, first, log in to your Ashley Madison account by entering the required details through its official website.

Step b:
In the next step, click the section on ‘Manage Profile’ which is near the upper side of the screen.

Step c:
Tap on the ‘Delete Profile’ tab which is to the left side menu.

Step d:
Next, click on the ‘Deactivate Your Profile’ button.

Step e:
Now, in the following screen, state the deactivation reason.

Step f:
Finally, to complete the process, click on the ‘Deactivate and confirm’ option in the displayed pop-up.

Therefore, if you one to restore the account on Ashley Madison once again, then simply log in to the account with the regular details of login used by you earlier in order to reactivate or reach out to the customer support service team of Ashley Madison through email for any sort of help.

How to cancel Ashley Madison permanently

To cancel Ashley Madison permanently the steps one must follow are:

  • First, log in to the website.
  • Select ‘Manage Profile’.
  • Next, tap on ‘Delete Profile on the left side menu.
  • In the next step, hit on ‘Delete Your Profile, the following option which is to the right of the page.
  • Then confirm to delete in the pop-up screen.

It may take up to 48 hours in order to delete the account completely.

Note: Once the account is deleted permanently you cannot restore back the account. If there is any kind of unused credit remains will get forfeited.

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