How To Cancel Scentbird Subscription

Scentbird is a perfume subscription service that aims to deliver a wide range of designer fragrances to its customers. Scentbird subscribers spend a subscription fee of $14.95 that authorizes them to grab one new designed perfume each month getting delivered to the doorstep without any additional charges or shipping fees.

If you do not further desire to have the Scentbird membership, then this blog will assist you in proceeding for Scentbird to cancel membership in simply a few steps.

How to cancel Scentbird

According to the Scentbird cancellation policy, there are pretty different means which can be tried to achieve a Scentbird cancel subscription. Now we shall look at these methods in detail.

How to cancel a subscription on Scentbird from the Account

One can cancel a Scentbird subscription easily by accessing the account directly on the website of Scentbird.
Following are the steps on Scentbird cancel membership:

  1. Step1:

    Visit at Scentbird website

  2. Step2:

    Tap on the ‘Login’ tab.

  3. Step3:

    Navigate to the section on ‘Manage Subscription’.

  4. Step4:

    In the next step, hit the link on ‘Cancel Subscription.

  5. Step5:

    Then, follow the instructions prompted.

  6. Step6:

    Finally, hit the ‘Confirm’ option to complete the procedure.

How to cancel a Scentbird subscription via Submitting tickets online

Users can reach out to the Scentbird customer support service by accessing the Scentbird Contact form and then submitting the ticket. It can be done without logging into the account.

So the steps one can follow to cancel Scentbird via online submitting the ticket are:

Step I:
Firstly, visit the website at Scentbird.

Step ii:
Tap the icon on ‘Question Mark’, pink in color, which is on the right side of your window.

Step iii:
Enter as ‘Customer Support’ into the given textbox.

Step iv:
Click on the ‘Ask Question’ tab.

Step v:
Next, scroll below the page and select the button on ‘Submit a Ticket.

Step vi:
In the next step, fill the email and the subject in the provided form.

Step vii:
Click on the ‘Cancel My Subscription’ option from the pop-up list.

Step viii:
Select the cancellation reason from the displayed pop-up list.

Step ix:
Fill the required information into the description box.

Step x:
Finally, hit the ‘Submit’ button.

How to cancel my Scentbird subscription by sending an Email

The other method to cancel the subscription to Scentbird is to send an email to the customer service team of Scentbird and request the agent to cancel the subscription account. Then send the composed request to the email address to cancel the subscription.

Below are the factors that one must note while cancelling the subscription:

  • State the request to cancel the subscription in the provided subject line.
  • Include the related details of the account.
  • Specify the account cancellation reason.
  • Also, ensure to leave the contact information in the composed email.
  • Leave your contact details in the email signature
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