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How to cancel Books A Million membership

Books A Million is one of the largest stores in the US as the biggest book sales store. It has its headquarters in Birmingham, Alabama. It sells several items in addition to books, toys, magazines, gifts, and technology collectibles. At present, Books A Million comprises over 250 shops in around 32 states.

With the club membership of Books, A Million one can achieve exclusive features such as:

  • Upon eligible items, you can avail of free shipping on Books a Million. You do not require a minimum purchase for this service, unlike the other aids.
  • A discount of 10% will be provided to you every day upon thousands of books and also on other items in more than 250 stores over the globe.
  • The member can save 40% on bestselling books.
  • Free Wi-fi is available in all stores on Books A Million.
  • On joining membership on Millionaire’s club, the member receives a bonus of a $100 coupon through email.

In spite of all these features, if you still look for Books A Million cancels Magazine subscription then you can perform any of the below-stated methods.

What are the methods for Books A Million membership cancel

The membership on Books A Million can be canceled at any time. Even a full refund will be initiated on canceling the membership in case you do not use it to attain the eligible coupon or discount.

Moreover, you need to cancel the membership 30 days from the purchase or the renewal in order to be eligible for a refund. Once the 30 days get over, you won’t be awarded any reward.

How to cancel Books A Million membership over the Phone

It is one of the simplest methods to cancel Books A Million subscriptions. So the steps you need to follow while performing this method are as follows:

  1. At first, dial the Books A Million subscription phone number at 800-201-3550.
  2. Once you get the response, ask the rep to cancel your subscription.
  3. The rep may ask you for some information. Provide the details in order to identify your account such as:
    1. Member full name
    2. Address
    3. City/ State
    4. Country
    5. ZIP Code/ PIN Code
    6. Membership Card Number
    7. Contact Number and so on.
  4. On identifying the account, the agent will lead you throughout the process of cancellation.
  5. In the next step, once the cancellation is done, ask the agent to send you a confirmation mail or an SMS on cancellation.
  6. Lastly, ensure to retain the information on confirmation carefully for any future reference.

How to perform Books A Million magazine offer cancel Online by an Email

The other method to cancel membership on Books A Million is via Email. The steps are:

  • Firstly, compose an email and make a request for cancellation of the Books A Million subscription.
  • Furnish all the personal information and account details along with the composed email.
  • Forward the mail to the Customer service address of Books A Million at 
  • The rep will contact you via email and will show the cancellation procedure.
  • Ask the representative to deliver you the confirmation email on successful cancellation.
  • Make sure to keep the email on confirmation carefully as a future record.

How to cancel a magazine subscription from Books A Million through the Customer Support desk

The other method you can approach is to present the Membership card at the customer service desk.

Books A Million platform possesses a well-equipped customer support helpdesk which is available 24*7 for assistance.

  • Visit your nearby Books A Million store.
  • Go to the counter and ask the agent to cancel the membership.
  • Provide them with the member card, and reward card to the agent.
  • Then the agent will guide you throughout the process of cancellation and let you cancel the membership effortlessly.

Bottom Lines:

Thus, these are the methods that you can wield so as to cancel the Books A Million subscription.

We hope this complete blog will guide you through the cancellation process.

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