Cancel Bright Cellars subscription

Cancel Bright Cellars subscription

Bright Cellars is a wine subscription association that works in an online way to deliver varieties of wine to the users (only members). The Bright Cellars is basically in Wisconsin. To become a member he/she must be 21 years or old. The members of Bright Cellars can enjoy a wide range of the wines that they choose depending on their tastes.

At the time of signing with Bright Cellars, you need to answer a set of questions for building the profile.

Based on the chosen preferences, a chart on wines will be prepared that will purely resemble the tastes. There are around 16,000 subscribers related to this Bright Cellars website.

But sometimes it may happen that you may need to cancel your Bright Cellars subscription. And therefore, we bring to you the methods of ‘How to cancel Bright Cellars membership’.

How To Cancel Bright Cellars Subscription

The subscription on Bright Cellars is not based on contract so there is the possibility that you can cancel your subscription with Bright Cellars at any time.

Here are some of the methods described through which you can easily cancel your Bright Cellars subscription and you won’t be charged any more in the name membership fee.

The Requirements For Bright Cellars Cancelling The Membership

Keep the following list ready which you will need at the time of cancellation-

  • Name in full.
  • Contact number.
  • Email ID.
  • Bright Cellars account username.
  • Account Password.
  • The address on billing.
  • District.
  • Region or State.
  • Pin Code or ZIP.
  • Your Country.
  • The reason for your cancellation.
  • The last four numbers of your card.
  • The last charge date.
  • The amount on your Last Charge.

According to the Bright Cellars cancellation policy you can cancel your subscription either through Email or  Phone Number at any time. Bright Cellars does not offer any trial subscription.

How To Cancel Bright Cellars Membership Through An Email

For Bright Cellars canceling the subscription through Email you need to follow the below steps:

You need to compose an email asking them to cancel your Bright Cellars membership account including all your details and the information related to your account that is mentioned above and send it to the team of Bright Cellars at They will contact back with you between 72 hours of making the cancellation request.

Ensure to receive a confirmation email on your registered Email ID from the Bright Cellars service on cancellation of your Bright Cellars subscription account.

How To Cancel Bright Cellars Membership Over The Phone

In order to cancel Bright Cellars membership over the phone, here it is described what you need to do:

  1. Dial the Bright Cellars cancellation phone number at 1-844-223-5527 and talk directly to the Live Agent of the customer support Bright Cellars team.
  2. Then ask the rep to cancel your Bright Cellars subscription.
  3. Furnish with all the details that they ask you in order to identify your Bright Cellars account.
  4. At last, make sure to ask the rep about the confirmation number through email or message which may require for future reference in relation to your Bright Cellars canceling your membership account.

How To Cancel The Bright Cellars Subscription Through DoNotPay App

As the Bright Cellars online service does not provide any companies official website for cancellation of subscription through online method.

But in looking for the interest of the members of Bright Cellars, we bring to you an online app through which you can easily come out from the Bright Cellars membership.

DoNotPay takes less time for cancelling your subscription when compared to other methods.

Here is what you need to follow to cancel your Bright Cellars membership account via the DoNotPay app:

  1. At first, Log In to the DoNotPay application through your preferred web browsers or you can even the DoNotPay app on your iOS device for free from the Apple Store.
  2. Then, click on the ‘Find Hidden Money’ section.
  3. Now you need to enter the name of the service as ‘Bright Cellars’ which is the one you wish to cancel in the blank field on your display screen.
  4. Now, click on the ‘Cancel’ tab.

You need to wait to receive a confirmation mail on successful cancellation, it may take around 48 hours to notify you from the DoNotPay app service.

Thus, from the above-mentioned article, you can go for the cancellation of Bright Cellars membership effortlessly if it does not match your taste any more and if you are still stuck you can ask for the assistance from the Customer Support Service of the team of Bright Cellars online service.

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