Cancel Cosmopolitan Subscription

Cancel Cosmopolitan Subscription

Cosmopolitan is one of the enormous young women’s outlet brands in the world. It belongs to the American Magazine in particular for the women that underwrite the topics related to fashion as well as entertainment.

Its main goal is to empower the fun confident females to discover who they actually are and what they desire to be.

In this article, we share with you the guide to canceling the Cosmopolitan subscription in case you do not wish to continue with it and want to cancel the subscription account.

How to cancel Cosmopolitan Magazine Subscription

The Cosmopolitan Magazine platform enables both Online and Offline methods to its users if they wish to cancel their subscription.

Here we shall look to the core of both the methods below.

How to cancel a Cosmopolitan Subscription over the Phone

Go through the stated steps:

  1. Call Cosmopolitan phone number

    So to begin, firstly dial the phone number of Cosmopolitan Magazine subscription at 800-888-2665 to talk to its team.

  2. Talk to the representative

    Once you get the response, talk to its rep about canceling the subscription as you do not desire to continue with it.

  3. Provide the required details

    Further, the representative may ask you to fill in the necessary details of your’s and your Cosmopolitan account.

  4. Ask about the confirmation mail

    At last, ensure about sending the confirmation number or mail on cancellation for future record.

How to cancel my Cosmopolitan Magazine subscription by Online

One can find several means to cancel a Cosmopolitan subscription through the online mode. We will now look at the online methods here in detail.

A. How to cancel Cosmopolitan subscription UK via Website

The steps to follow are:

Step1: Go to the Cosmopolitan website:
To start, first, go to the official website of Cosmopolitan from any of the preferred web browsers on your device.

Step2: Choose a reason for the cancellation:
Next, you have to choose or state a reason for canceling the subscription.

Step3: Fill in the relevant information:
Now, you must enter the relevant information like the account number of your Cosmopolitan subscription account, and the period of expiration of the subscription in order to log in to your account.
Once you get to sign in, all the information and details of your account will be displayed on the window.

Step4: Locate the ‘Cancel’ tab:
Further, look for the tab on ‘Cancel Subscription’ and click on it.

Step5: Follow as prompted:
Perform the instructions as prompted to do so that appear on your window. Here to proceed with the cancellation you may require to type the personal details and the account information.

Step6: Retain the confirmation mail carefully:
Finally, once you get the confirmation mail on your subscription cancellation, make sure to retain your mail carefully as a future reference.

B. How to cancel Magazine subscription to Cosmopolitan on iPhone/ iPad device

So the steps one needs to follow are:

  • Open ‘Settings’ application:
    At first, you need to initiate the ‘Settings’ app on your iPhone device.
  • Select the ‘Profile Icon’:
    Next, tap on the ‘Profile’ section. If it does not appear on your screen, choose the section on ‘iTunes & App Store.
  • Tap ‘Apple ID:
    After that, tap on the ‘Apple ID’ tab and sign in to your subscription account when asked to do so.
  • Hit ‘Subscriptions’:
    Further, when you are successfully signed in, hit the section ‘Subscriptions’.
  • Choose the ‘Cosmopolitan Magazine’ option:
    Now, you need to choose the option on ‘Cosmopolitan Magazine, which you desire to cancel.
  • Click on ‘Cancel’:
    Lastly, click on the ‘Cancel’ button to complete the process.

C. How to cancel my Cosmopolitan Magazine subscription on Android

To cancel a Cosmopolitan Magazine subscription here are the steps you require to perform:

  1. Open Google Play Store:
    Go to Google Play Store, and sign in Cosmopolitan Magazine subscription account.
  2. Click the ‘Menu’ tab and select ‘Subscriptions’:
    After that, click the tab on ‘Menu’ and then choose the ‘Subscriptions’ section.
  3. Tap the subscription of ‘Cosmopolitan magazine:
    Next, you need to click on your subscription ‘Cosmopolitan magazine’ tab in order to cancel
  4. Hit on the ‘Cancel Subscription’ tab:
    So as to complete the cancellation procedure, choose the ‘Cancel Subscription’ button and thoroughly obey the prompted instructions.

D. How do I cancel my subscription to Cosmopolitan Magazine on the Mac Computer

Here are the steps that are needed to be followed:

Step1: Go to Mac App Store:
To start, first, launch the Mac App Store on your Mac computer.

Step2: Choose ‘Profile Name:
In the next step, click the ‘Profile’ section that is located below the taskbar.

Step3: Click on the ‘View Information tab:
Now, click the tab on ‘View Information’ and further sign in to the account by entering the relevant details.

Step4: Select on ‘Subscriptions’ section:
Now, scroll the page to find and select the section on ‘Subscriptions’.

Step5: Tap ‘Manage’:
Then, tap the option on ‘Manage’ to proceed further.

Step6: Choose ‘Edit’ and hit on the ‘Cancel Subscription’ tab:
Finally, choose the ‘Edit’ button that is beside the Cosmopolitan Magazine option and then hit the tab on ‘Cancel Subscription’ to finish the process successfully.

Penning Down:

Therefore, you can wield any of the methods which have been stated above, as preferred by you to perform the process of canceling the subscription.

We hope that you find this guide helpful.

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