Cancel Simplisafe Subscription

Cancel SimpliSafe Subscription

About to cancel SimpliSafe? Is it not worthy? This guide will surely help you in doing this.

SimpliSafe is the American firm on home security that generates and also sells self-installing wireless protection systems. 

It extends security against intruders, medical emergencies, fires, water damage, and also several events. SimpliSafe monitors more than 3M customers in a continuous manner through professionals that are educated to launch emergency assistance whenever it is desired.

Here we shall discuss the method on ‘How to cancel SimpliSafe account. So we urge you to read this article thoroughly till the end.

How to cancel SimpliSafe

To cancel the subscription on SimpliSafe is manageable if it is evaluated that the user owns the appliance and it doesn’t need to return back. Yet the only method to cancel this account is through the Phone.

How To Cancel Simplisafe Subscription Over The Phone

The instructions that you need to cancel the Simplisafe Subscription over the Phone are as follows:

  1. Ready the account details

    The first thing you must do is to keep ready the details of your Simplisafe Subscription subscription account.

  2. Dial Simplisafe customer service phone number

    Next, dial 1-888-957-4675, the phone number of the Simplisafe customer support team.

  3. State reason for cancellation

    Then, you need to specify the reason for canceling the subscription to the rep of SimpliSafe and also answer if there is any additional query asked by the representative.

  4. Make confirmation of the cancellation

    Finally, you must ensure with the rep that the subscription has been canceled successfully and ask for a confirmation mail from them as a reference in the future.

Are you eligible for a refund on SimpliSafe?

SimpliSafe does not offer the refundable option on its subscription.

Yet there are options which can be considered. Such as:

  • If the user decides to reactivate the subscription account later then the time which was unused will be also available.
  • On returning a product prior to 60 days from making the purchase then the firm will lend the money-back warranty. Note: It will cover only the products that are returned and not on the period of subscription.

That’s all on SimpliSafe cancel subscription. By following the above-mentioned method you can easily cancel the account successfully.

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