How To Cancel Costco Membership

Costco belongs to the wholesale firm that aims to deliver the members with the probability to shop bulk at a reasonable range.

In case you have signed up for the membership on Costco but do not wish to continue with it further, here is the best way we bring to you how to cancel your Costco membership without any difficulty.

Can you cancel your Costco membership Manually?

Yes, there are methods by which one can proceed with Costco membership cancellation on their own.

How to cancel a Costco membership

Costco firm offers two sorts of methods for Costco membership cancelation manually, namely:

  • Visiting the Costco warehouse to cancel membership Costco in In-person.
  • Costco membership cancellation over the phone, talking to Costco Member Center.

How do I cancel my Costco membership via In-Person?

One must visit the nearest store of Costco to place a request for Costco to cancel the membership.

But before moving on to Costco how to cancel membership, by visiting the Costco warehouse, ensure to keep the stated documents with you for the cancellation purpose.

Keep this information ready before heading to the step on how to cancel your Costco membership:

  • Costco membership card
  • Identity Card
  • Date of Birth
  • Address
  • Phone Number

So the points to follow on how do I cancel my Costco membership are:

Visit the nearest Costco membership center

Walk into the counter for ‘Membership.

Next, tell the Costco team that you want to cancel your Costco executive membership.

Deliver to them the details that are needed.

Ask about the refund on the membership term ( if any) and on a confirmation on getting the Costco membership canceled successfully.

How to cancel my Costco membership on the Phone

Another method to cancel a Costco membership is contacting the Costco Member support service.

For canceling a Costco membership, users may need to deliver the customer agent with the membership ID and also the other details related to the account. So ensure to keep all the information ready with you.

Here are the steps on how you cancel your Costco membership over the Phone:

Call +1 (800) 774-2678, the Costco Member service phone number.

Next, select the ‘Membership’ option from the automated list of options provided to you ( where you may need to say the option aloud or click a particular number).

Choose the option on ‘Cancelation’.

Provide the details of your membership account like your membership ID number (as prompted).

Then follow the instructions as directed.

Also, make sure to request about getting confirmation on Costco membership cancellation by email or in person.

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