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Are you searching for how to cancel a Hum Nutrition subscription? We have brought to you the methods that you can wield to cancel Hum Nutrition.

As Hum Nutrition introduces two plans namely:

Monthly subscription and VIP subscription.

Monthly Plan: It is the no-commitment type plan where the orders get auto-shipped and can be canceled at any moment.

VIP Plan: On attaining this subscription, one receives an extra 25% off on the inclusive order each month with the option of auto-delivery. To cancel Hum Nutrition 3 month plan, a total of three orders need to be completed on its VIP Plan.

How to cancel Hum Nutrition

Hum Nutrition proposes two modes on Hum Nutrition to cancel membership. They are:

  1. Via an Email
  2. Over the Phone.

1. How to cancel my Hum Nutrition subscription via Email

Here are the steps required to follow on Hum Nutrition how to cancel a subscription by sending an Email:

  • Write an Email regarding canceling Hum Nutrition, requesting to cancel Hum Nutrition Plan.
  • Provide the essential information that is related to the account.
  • State the cancellation reason.
  • Then, send the composed email to

Note: Make sure you email them at least 24 hours from the next date of shipping.

2. How to cancel Hum Nutrition subscription over the Phone

Following are the steps to cancel my Hum Nutrition subscription:

  1. First, dial Hum Nutrition customer support at (888) 647-8880.
  2. Talk to its executive team to cancel the subscription asking for assistance from them.
  3. Deliver to them the details needed about the account.

Note: The team is available from 7 am to 6 pm PT every day.

Hope you find this page on Hum Nutrition’s cancel plan fruitful.

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