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What if you are exhausted from paying for the subscription to Elle Magazine? Facing issues at Elle Magazine and not finding them intriguing, waiting to end the membership is the last option you might think of. This writing will have the resolutions for the problems that you are currently facing and wish to put an end mark to them.

Elle Magazine is a glimpse of life with fashion, beauty, culture, and entertainment. Readers above 4M over the globe especially people who have taste in fashion are fond of the magazine. The magazine is known for photography, genuine articles, and gossip about the latest fashion trends.

If you wish to end the subscription, contact customer service. On this page, you need to go through the instructions to complete the cancellation procedure in a successful manner.

How do I cancel my Elle Magazine Subscription?

You can surely discontinue the membership if you do not want to pay the monthly plans at Elle Magazine. No experts are required to cancel the subscription, just call the customer team over the phone, write an email, or make an online request to cancel the service.

Can I cancel Subscription at Elle Magazine Subscription using the Service Number?

Yes, you can cancel the subscription by dialing -1-800-876-8775.

The following steps will help you to end the membership:-

  1. Call at the given phone number and wait.
  2. Once connected, provide the account details because this will be helpful in scanning through your details, and identifying the account.
  3. Request them to cancel the Magazine and answer the questions asked during verification.
  4. Mention the reason for canceling and confirm the subscription cancellation.
  5. Ask them to provide you with a confirmation number for future consideration.  
  6. The support team might examine whether you want a refund for the remaining issues or acquire any issues that are marked unread.

Now, you need to check the account if the subscription is canceled or not.

What are the steps to cancel Elle Magazine through Email

Observe the steps so that you do not face any difficulties while canceling over Email.

  1. Compose an Email in order to get in touch with Elle Magazine Customer Support.
  2. Mention the reason for writing the email. You do not want to continue with the subscription.
  3. Provide your details like – name, account details, and other relevant info to get into your account.
  4. Do not forget to request for a confirmation email from the company. This might not take much time to cancel the subscription.
  5. Now deliver the email to the Customer Service Email – or send to another email –

You need to wait to receive confirmation from the rep side. You can check the account to confirm the cancellation.

Cancel Elle Magazine through Mail

After waiting for hours no response from customer service about the confirmation. Still you can try delivering cancellation notices using the mail method. If the letter is received they will try to work out to cancel the subscription as soon as possible. You are required to the notice for cancellation to

P.O. Box 37870
Boone, IA 50037

How to end the Subscription of Elle Magazine Online

Here the online option will help you to cancel the subscription without moving from one place to another. Canceling of the subscription is done online.

The steps involved to complete the cancellation process:-

  1. First, go to the website and log in using the account details on the Login Page.
  2. Type, name, country, address, and Email Address in the given space.
  3. Next move to Orders Category.
  4. Click the Action Menu tab.
  5. Now, tap on the Cancel tab.

Elle Magazine is not free of cost, you need to pay monthly plans to access the contents available on it. The subscription charged is on auto renewal mode which renews automatically. You need to change the status of auto-renewal prior to subscription cancellation via online or writing an email to the support team.

How to cancel Elle Decor Magazine Subscription 

  • You can cancel the subscription by writing an email and transmitting it to –
  • The other mode to make a cancellation request by submitting a notice to –
    • 300 West 57th Street
    • New York, NY 10019
  • Call -212-649-2000 to get in touch with customer service to cancel Elle Decor Subscription.


If you are following the instructions step by step then you can easily cancel the membership without much difficulty. Customer service will be happy to help you to resolve your problems.

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