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When customers find any particular service pricey and ineffective, they only wish to cancel the service. Today’s blog is about one such i.e. Cancelling of Relief Factor Subscription using different methods. You can easily move out of the service if you follow the steps as mentioned.

Relief Factor deals in manufacturing natural accessories using fish oil. The company provides products with 0% of drugs in it and completed 15 years in the market.

If you are sure to cancel the service or Relief Factor Order, then this platform is just for you.

How do I cancel My Relief Factor Subscription? 

Customers feel discouraged when after spending much you do not receive what you expect. The plans are a bit overpriced and the products fail to fulfill the expectation and this makes consumers discontinue the service plans.

If you sense that you are simply wasting money on the products then you can directly contact customer service to make cancellation requests.

The company accepts the request made using the option: via Email, Online, and over the Phone.

Cancel the Relief Factor Order through Email

To contact the customer team seems to be uncomfortable because you need to wait for the reply from them and this might take days. Initially, cancellation of the monthly plan of Relief Factor is possible at any moment.

The company provides an Email option for resolving queries of the customer which is also of great help.

Keep all the essential details about the account and then compose an email requesting to cancel the order. Send it to:

The process might take time, but there is still hope that your account will be canceled.

What is the Phone Number to request for Relief Factor cancellation

If the first method does not work, hope calling over the phone might work. Although calling at the service number is time-consuming because you do not know when the rep will be available and if answered whether the problem will be solved or not.

Such questions might flicker your mind, confusing what to do and what not. The second option is to call customer support and receive assistance.

  1. Dial -800-500-8384 and wait for a call to answer.
  2. Keep the documents handy so that when asked you can furnish them.
  3. Once answered, state them to cancel the ongoing subscription. Make it clear that the prices are high and on and no relief utilizing the product.
  4. The rep will help you with your problem. Sometimes they might lure you to keep the subscription. But you need to determine that you do not wish to continue the plan.
  5. The customer team is available from  Monday – Friday.

Cancelling Relief Factor Subscription Order Online

If you want to cancel the order on your own then try the online option.

  1. Click on the Relief Factor Account and tap on the support page.
  2. Select the Cancel My Subscription option from the list available.
  3. After that tap on the link “Cancel my Subscription”.
  4. Next, fill up an online form and write what is being asked in the space provided.
  5. Now, go to “I want to” and tap Cancel My Subscription.
  6. Tap the Send tab and complete the process.

Upon receiving the form online, the customer team will reach you as soon as possible.

You won’t find other options to solve the cancellation process. So make sure to request to customer service for confirmation Email after the process is completed. This will be useful for future concerns.

If you do not wish to cancel, Relief Factor Plans also have a pause option so you can pause it by filling up a form online. Click on the Pause My Subscription option and then tap the Submit tab.

In case you want to return the Relief Factor Order, just dial at the customer phone number mentioned above. You can also return the products through mail delivery to the address:

Relief Factor by Promedev, 
Customer Care, 
11031 117th Place NE, 
Kirkland, WA 98033


Despite offering better options and facilities, still customers find the product a waste and agreed on to cancel the service. In order to guide you we have mentioned the three different manners to cancel the Relief Factor.

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