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Unsubscribing from EveryPlate: What You Need to Know

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“I can’t cancel my subscription to Google Plate”. If such a question is your concern then this platform is for you. The company offers free trials for consumers and this is the case when most users fail to cancel their account before the end of the trial period. The subscribers sometimes forget the credentials to log in or do not have access to their email accounts used during registering to the account.

A brief on EveryPlate:-

EveryPlate provides delivery of meal kits at reasonable prices. Also, they provide recipes and ingredients so that the customers can easily prepare them. The company EveryPlate is a portion of the Green Chef Family obtained by HelloFresh. The kit costs $4.99 which is a reasonable rate compared to other delivery services. There is also an option to customize your meal. You need to pick a plan and the mode of payment, then add your address and contact details. Whatever plan you pick, the rates for serving per head remain constant.

In case the balance is due, EveryPlate will charge the balance to the third party. You might receive a refund in full if the Meal Box is not delivered in the mentioned time.

Numerous Ways To Cancel EveryPlate Subscription

If you survey through recent years, the services offered are on trend for the lifestyles of different consumers and also the appetite to consume nutritious food with good hygiene. The meal kit arrives with the instructions to prepare them with quality ingredients excluding the time spent on buying groceries and searching for recipes. Still, some expenses are rated high and for many, they cannot afford them daily.

Browsing through the reviews online, you might see that EveryPlate does not provide gourmet-style feasts. The lowest rate starts at $4.99 for a single serving but if your account is on offer, you can get the meal at $1.79.

There are numerous ways or methods to cancel your EveyPlate Subscription if the meals are pricey for you.

  • Cancel EveryPlate Online
  • EveryPlate cancels subscription over Phone
  • Canceling subscription to EveryPlate through Mobile
  • Cancel EveryPlate subscription through Email or Chat

Can I cancel EveryPlate Subscription Online

Yes, EveryPlate Subscription can be opted out online by following the steps below.

  1. The decision to cancel the subscription box should be made within 5 days from the day of delivery. Head to the EveryPlate site at on your browser and log in to the account.
  2. Next, tap on Settings and pick the Deactivate Your Plan option.
  3. Then, tap on the Cancel button and after that Cancel Anyway to proceed.
  4. Select the cancellation reason and tap Deactivate Now.
  5. The subscription on EveryPlate will be terminated permanently.

How to Cancel EveryPlate Subscription over the Phone

  1. Dial 973-210-4915 to reach EveryPlate customer service.
  2. Request them to cancel the EveryPlate account.
  3. Furnish your details such as Name and Email ID to the rep.
  4. You will receive an email confirming that the account is canceled.

Cancel the EveryPlate Service via Mobile

You can terminate the subscription from the device. 

Android Users:-

  1. Click the PlayStore and select the Profile tab.
  2. Pick the Payments and Subscriptions option and next click on Subscriptions, moving to the EveryPlate option.
  3. Click on the Cancel Subscription tab.
  4. Select your reason and tap on the Continue tab.
  5. Last, select the Cancel option terminating the subscription to EveryPlate.

iPhone Users:-

  • Click on the Settings tab.
  • Pick the name and select Subscriptions and next EveryPlate.
  • Choose the Cancel Subscription option.

Unsubscribing EveryPlate By Email or Chat

Canceling the subscription is not a difficult task so you can proceed by requesting to eliminate the subscription through Email or Chat.

Request the customer team that you no longer want to continue with the subscription using Email or head to online chat through the Account Profile.

Do not forget to mention the Email ID and your name in the Email and also speak about your details on the Chat.

There are a few of the situations you might face during the cancellation of membership at EveryPlate:-

  1. Log-in details are mandatory.
  2. Cancel the account by clicking on Online Chat or ring the customer support team. 
  3. The details provided should be valid.
  4. The future delivery arrives with additional charges.
  5. You cannot deactivate the account service if the days are less than 5. So, request the cancellation when the delivery period is more than 5 days.

How do I cancel my Chef’s Plate Subscription?

  • Click on the Login option to enter Chef’s Plate homepage.
  • Next, tap on the My Account option moving to Account Information.
  • Proceed to tap Pause Your Account under the head of Delivery Details.
  • Next, pick the Continue to Pause option.

Make sure that the orders termed as Pause will not be terminated.


You can cancel the subscription to EveryPlate at any moment without any fees on cancellation being charged. Do not forget to follow the instructions carefully so that you can eliminate the first delivery. Be careful with the time of cancellation, you need to request the cancellation five days before the next date of delivery.

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