Cancel BJ’s Membership

Cancel BJ’s Membership

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BJ’s is a platform that offers services to in-mobile shoppers, groceries, eyeglass lenses, tires, and many more with its subscription. It creates a huge business structure for almost every sort of utility that one can guess off.

So, on having the wrong BJ’s subscription now if you want to cancel BJ’s membership you can safely go for it. Here we shall discuss the method on ‘How to cancel a BJ’s membership’. Read this page thoroughly till the end.

How To Cancel BJ’s Membership Via In-person

The steps to perform are as follows:

  1. Step1:

    Firstly, go to any nearby BJ’s store.

  2. Step2:

    Next, ask mainly for the ‘Member Services Desk’

  3. Step3:

    Talk to the executive who is in charge to cancel the membership, they will guide you to immediately end the subscription.

Note: The dominant person who has signed in for the subscription can only cancel the membership.

How to cancel my BJ’s membership through Phone

Here are the steps to follow:

  • Dial the BJ’s Membership Center phone number at 800-BJS-CLUB (257-2582). You can call them in between Monday to Friday from 9 AM-7 PM, Saturday from 9 AM-6 PM, and Sunday from 12 NOON to 6 PM (time set at ET).
  • Ask the rep to cancel your subscription and make sure to furnish all the relevant information asked by the representative.
  • Also, make sure to ask about the confirmation email or number on successful cancellation for future records.

How To Cancel BJ’s Membership via Mail

The steps are:

Step1: At first compose an application making a request to cancel the membership including the required details such as:

  • Member’s Full Name
  • Contact Number
  • Email Address
  • Membership plan on which you have signed in for
  • Address

Step2: Next, forward the composed letter to the following address:

Membership Control, Rte A5;
BJ’s Wholesale Club;
25 Research Drive,
Westborough, MA 01581.

Bottom Lines:

Hence above stated are the methods that you can use for the cancellation and at present, there is no such method to cancel BJ’s membership online.

As per the BJ’s membership cancellation policy, members who were not satisfied with their subscription can cancel the subscription at any time and can ask for getting a refund on the membership fees which was paid for their current period of subscription at BJ’s Club Home on which you have signed up. The refunds will be subjected according to BJ’s terms and conditions.

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