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Are you looking for eSalon cancellation? We ascertain that you just got that which you were searching for. Here on this page, we discussed the method of how to cancel it in a simple and easy way.

eSalon is the platform of hair color and beauty supply online firm that is established in Culver City, California. Its central product is the customization of hair dye for using it at home for its consumers.

Yet, if you do not wish to continue with the subscription and no longer get it to be interesting, for which you now want eSalon to cancel your membership, this guide will surely help you out in doing so. The only thing you need to do is carefully go through the steps which are stated below.

How to cancel eSalon via the website

So the method in order to cancel eSalon through the website the steps you need to perform are:

  1. Visit eSalon website

    To start with, firstly go to the official eSalon website at through your preferred internet browsing site on the device.

  2. Login to the eSalon account

    In the next steps, enter the email address and your account password in order to log in to the eSalon.

  3. Select ‘Profile Name:

    Now, select the ‘Profile’ Icon where it’s shown as ‘Hi’.

  4. Tap on the ‘Upcoming Order’:

    After that, tap the section on ‘Upcoming Order’.

  5. Hit ‘Turn off my Plan’ tab:

    Next, hit on the ‘Turn off my Plan’ option.

  6. Enter the details:

    Further, you need to fill the box with the details that were asked.

  7. Read the prompted pages carefully:

    Then you must read the pages thoroughly to make sure the cancellation gets completed.

  8. Retain carefully the details of confirmation:

    Finally, you must retain the details of confirmation carefully for future reference.

Thus, these are the steps on how you can do the eSalon cancel order process and thereby we hope you find this page helpful. For any further support, you can ask guidance from the Customer Service team.

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