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The Ultimate Checklist for Ending Your eSalon Membership

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Are you looking for eSalon cancellation? We ascertain that you just got that which you were searching for. Here on this page, we discussed the method of how to cancel it simply and easily.

eSalon is the platform of hair color and beauty supply online firm that was established in Culver City, California. Its central product is the customization of hair dye for use at home for its consumers.

Yet, if you do not wish to continue with the subscription and no longer get it to be interesting, for which you now want eSalon to cancel your membership, this guide will surely help you out in doing so. The only thing you need to do is carefully go through the steps which are stated below.

How to cancel eSalon via the website?

So the method to cancel eSalon through the website the steps you need to perform are:

  1. Visit eSalon website

    To start with, firstly go to the official eSalon website at through your preferred internet browsing site on the device.

  2. Login to the eSalon account

    In the next steps, enter the email address and your account password to log in to the eSalon.

  3. Select ‘Profile Name:

    Now, select the ‘Profile’ Icon where it’s shown as ‘Hi’.

  4. Tap on the ‘Upcoming Order’:

    After that, tap the section on ‘Upcoming Order’.

  5. Hit the ‘Turn off my Plan’ tab:

    Next, hit on the ‘Turn off my Plan’ option.

  6. Enter the details:

    Further, you need to fill the box with the details that were asked.

  7. Read the prompted pages carefully:

    Then you must read the pages thoroughly to make sure the cancellation gets completed.

  8. Retain carefully the details of confirmation:

    Finally, you must retain the details of confirmation carefully for future reference.

Thus, these are the steps on how you can do the eSalon cancel order process and thereby we hope you find this page helpful. For any further support, you can ask for guidance from the Customer Service team.

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Cancel Function of Beauty

Step-by-Step Guide: Canceling Function of Beauty

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The function of Beauty takes itself to be one of the extensively customizable body care and hair care for both women and men. From the very initial ingredient to the conclusive one, including the shipping the whole product is customized and is made only for ‘You’.

It has around 718k followers on the Instagram account so it is just noticeable that Function of Beauty has gained its rate into the world of e-commerce.

But it is also seen that some are dissatisfied with the products. So if you also fall in the same group and are searching for ‘How to cancel Function of Beauty’ then your watch is over.

In this article, we will illustrate ‘How to cancel Function of Beauty subscription’.

Function of Beauty Cancellation Policy

When you think about canceling the subscription to Function of Beauty, a question may come into your mind ‘Can you cancel Function of Beauty’? The answer is ‘Yes you can. But the only thing that you need to keep in mind for the Function of Beauty cancel subscription is that since the product is a customized one and all its formulas are entirely formed as per the requirements of the customers, because of this they won’t accept the cancellations or the returns and the applied refunds once the order is being processed and billed. And thereby the request for cancellations will be accepted for the next registered delivery.

How to cancel your Function of Beauty subscription?

The method that we need to follow in order to cancel my Function of Beauty subscription has been described here.

The steps to cancel the Function of Beauty subscription are as follows:

  1. Visit the Function of Beauty page:

    Firstly, visit the Login page on Function of Beauty via its official website through your preferred internet browser.

  2. Enter the ‘Login’ credentials:

    Next, fill in the required credentials such as the Email ID and Password to Login into the Function of Beauty account.

  3.  Hit the ‘Login’ tab:

    Once you enter the details in the provided field, hit the tab on Login.

  4. Click on the ‘Your Subscriptions’ section:

    Then, click the section on Your Subscriptions.

  5. Tap on the ‘Manage’ button:

    Now, tap the button on Manage to make the desired changes in the subscription.

  6. Select the ‘Cancel Subscription’ option:

    Lastly, under the Manage tab, select the option on Cancel Subscription and click OK.


Thus, once the Function of Beauty subscription account gets canceled successfully, an email confirmation of the cancellation will be sent to you by the service. The confirmation email must be kept or retained carefully.

Remember that if no confirmation email is received even after 24 hours from the cancellation, then feel free to contact the customer support team. The team will provide assistance to help you with the cancellation process and also on receiving the confirmation email which may be required for future reference.

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Cancel Billie Subscription

2 Easy Steps to Cancel Your Billie Subscription

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Billie is a well-known brand of ‘Beauty. It emphasizes promoting body positivity by delivering body hair removal commodities that remain sulfate-free and also free from parabens, GMO ingredients, formaldehyde, drying alcohols, unstable silicones, synthetic dyes, and harmful ingredients.

Billie asserts to contribute 1% of its revenue to supporting women all over the globe and is also seen contributing to causes such as Black Lives Matter and NAACP.

But sometimes you may feel like the subscription on Billie is not further necessary. So if you are looking to cancel a Billie subscription and for which you are here to learn Billie cancel the subscription then go through this article to get your answer.

On this page we shall describe the methods on ‘How to cancel Billie subscription’, ‘Can you cancel Billie subscription’, and so on.

How To Cancel Billie Subscription?

There are two methods by which you can cancel Billie Razor’s subscription. They are:-

  1. Cancel Billie through its official website
  2. Cancel Billie’s subscription via an Email

Let us discuss these methods in detail below:-

How to cancel my Billie Subscription through Billie’s official website

Users can directly cancel their subscription from its website by simply performing the steps that are stated below:

  1. Visit Billie’s company website:

    At first to start with, go to the official website of Billie through your preferred web browser on your computer or mobile.

  2. Log In to Billie’s Account:

    Next, enter the required credentials such as the Username and Password so as to Log In to the account on Billie.

  3. Navigate to the ‘Manage Subscriptions’ section:

    In the next step, once you get logged in to your account, directly navigate to the section on Manage Subscriptions.

  4. Click on the ‘Cancel Subscription’ button:

    Now, click the button on Cancel Subscription and ‘Confirm’.

  5. A confirmation mail will be sent to you:

    Lastly, an email on confirmation will be sent to your registered email address on the successful cancellation of the Billie subscription.
    Also, make sure to retain the confirmation mail carefully for future reference.

How to Billie cancel subscription via an Email

The steps to cancel my Billie subscription by Email are as follows:-

  • Send an email to You need to send the email to the company at Billie’s official email address as stated above.
  • Compose an email asking for the cancellation of the subscription:- Now, compose an email asking Billie’s team on Billie Razor to cancel the subscription.
  • Furnish the relevant details:- Then, ensure to deliver all the details and information related to the account on Billie and its plan on subscription along with the composed email.
  • A confirmation will be forwarded to you:- At last, the Billie customer support agent will contact you back to confirm that the Billie subscription has been canceled successfully.

Note:- Billie’s working hours: are 10 a.m to 5 p.m, available 7 days a week.

Thus, we hope this guide will help you to cancel the Billie subscription effortlessly.

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Unsubscribing from Bespoke Post: A Simple How-To

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Bespoke is a subscription-based lifestyle service, they provides their services to men only. They give you monthly gift boxes, in which you will get fashion, home décor, kitchen, bar, grooming, etc related stuff every month. All their products are high quality, which is tested by them. It is more than a subscription service where they have a bespoke post store in which you can add-ons to your box as well as purchase any one product. You have to register an account to avail the benefit of the bespoke service, registration is very easy. In this, you have two options, in which you can either purchase time or you can sign up and take a subscription, through this you can take advantage of monthly gift boxes, and for this, you have to pay every month. If you purchase a time purchase, then you have to pay $55 each, or you will have to pay $45 if there is a VIP membership, in which shipping charges will be applied. If your order is more than $75 then you do not have to pay any shipping charges. Orders in Hawaii, Alaska, and Canada charge $10 for shipping. There is no charge for VIP membership, the gift boxes but VIP membership charges $45 per month in which shipping charge is included.

If you do not want to take your gift box in any month, then you have to stop your order within the first 5 days of that month. VIP members and non-members can purchase their gift box at any time so there is no charge. There are many advantages of a bespoke subscription, as it gives you a different variety in every month, the monthly price is also very reasonable, if you want a refund from the bespoke post you can also apply for this also for that $6 will be deducted from your account and easy cancellation.

If You Want To Cancel Your Membership Then Follow These Methods:

There Are Four Methods To Cancel a Bespoke Post Subscription-:

  1. By DoNotPay
  2. By Email
  3. By Message
  4. By Call

Cancel Bespoke By DoNotPay

If You Want To Cancel Your Bespoke Membership, Then You Can Cancel It By Donotpay, Please Follow These Steps

  1. Open Browser In Your Device.
  2. Now Go To The DoNotPay.
  3. Then Search Bespoke For Cancellation.
  4. They Will Give You Confirmation In 48 Hours.

How To Cancel Bespoke Post Subscription Through Email

You Can Cancel Your Subscription Through Email Also, For This Follow These Steps.

  1. Open Your Email Account Which You Have Registered With Bespoke Post.
  2. Then Compose An Email.
  3. In That Email Write About The Service, You Want To Cancel.
  4. And Send That Email To This Email ID:-

Bespoke Post Cancel Via Message

Please Follow These Steps, For Cancel Your Subscription Via Message.

  1. Write Your Full Name.
  2. Write About Canceling Your Subscription In This Message.
  3. Now Send This Number To This Number:- 914-326-2765.

Cancel Bespoke Over Call

You Can Unsubscribe Your Bespoke Post By Calling Customer Care

  1. Open Your Contact App On Your Mobile.
  2. Dial This Number In Your Keypad:- 888-565-6762.
  3. And Request To The Bespoke Post Customer Executive To Cancel Your Subscription.
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Cancel IPSY Subscription

Expert Tips for Cancelling Your IPSY Subscription

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Ipsy is a monthly makeup bag in which you get 5 makeup products, this is a subscription service, in which you have to pay some amount every month, and the product will come to your house. To get a glam bag, you have to answer a quiz, in this quiz, you are asked about your beauty preferences, like what is your skin tone, your hair color your eye color, etc, and then you get a mix of hair care products, skin care products, nail product etc, according to your answer. You are also asked to choose your favorite makeup brands, according, to this quiz, ipsy makes your makeup bag.

IPSY Provides Three Types Of Membership

  1. Glam Bag:- In This, You Have To Pay $12 Every Month And You Will Get 5 Deluxe-Size Samples.
  2. Glam Bag Plus:- With this Membership, You Will Have To Pay $25 Every Month And You Will Get 5 Full-Size Beauty Products.
  3. Glam Bag Ultimate:- In This Subscription, You Get 8 Full-Size Products And 4 Deluxe Size Samples, For Which You Have To Pay $50 Every Month.

Methods To Cancel IPSY Membership

If You Want To Unsubscribe Your IPSY Glam Bag, Then You Can Follow These Methods.

How To Cancel IPSY Through Website

If You Want To Cancel Your IPSY Membership, Then Follow These Steps:-

  • Open the Website:- First.
  • Then Log Into Your IPSY Account On The Home Page.
  • Click On the “My Account” Option.
  • Go To the “Subscription & Purchase” Option And Click On the “Cancel Subscription” Option.
  • Now, Click On the “Continue Cancellation” button.
  • Then Enter Your Reason why you Want To Cancel The Subscription.
  • Now Check Your Email, Where You Get A Confirmation Mail.
  • In This Mail You Will Get A Link, You Can Cancel The IPSY By Clicking On It.
  • Now You Will Have A Pop-Up Show On Your Screen Of “Subscription Cancel”.

How To Cancel IPSY By Email

You Can Cancel Your Subscription Through Email Also, For This, You Have To Follow These Steps:-

  1. First, Write An Email From Your Email ID Which You Provided To IPSY.
  2. In That Email, You Have To Write A Cancellation Of the IPSY Subscription.
  3. Now Send Your Email To This Email ID:-

Process Of Canceling IPSY Via Do Not Pay

I Will Guide You To Cancel Your IPSY Membership Through Do No Pay, Please Follow These Steps:-

  1. First, Open Your Browser In Your Device.
  2. Then Open DoNotPay In the Browser.
  3.  Now, Sign Into Your DoNotPay Account.
  4. After That, Click On the “Find Hidden Money” Option.
  5. In The End Type “IPSY” To Cancel Your Subscription.

Do Not Pay Will Cancel Your Subscription In 48 Hours, And Will Send You An Email After Canceling.

How To Cancel IPSY Membership Over Chat

You Can Also Cancel Your Subscription through Chat With Customer Service, Please Follow These Steps:-

  1. Open Your Browser And Enter The Company Website, Then Go To the Help Center:-
  2. Now, Come Down And You Will Get The Option Of “Get Instant Answer.
  3.  Then Tell Them To Cancel Your Subscription.
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