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2 Easy Steps to Cancel Your Billie Subscription

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Billie is a well-known brand of ‘Beauty. It emphasizes promoting body positivity by delivering body hair removal commodities that remain sulfate-free and also free from parabens, GMO ingredients, formaldehyde, drying alcohols, unstable silicones, synthetic dyes, and harmful ingredients.

Billie asserts to contribute 1% of its revenue to supporting women all over the globe and is also seen contributing to causes such as Black Lives Matter and NAACP.

But sometimes you may feel like the subscription on Billie is not further necessary. So if you are looking to cancel a Billie subscription and for which you are here to learn Billie cancel the subscription then go through this article to get your answer.

On this page we shall describe the methods on ‘How to cancel Billie subscription’, ‘Can you cancel Billie subscription’, and so on.

How To Cancel Billie Subscription?

There are two methods by which you can cancel Billie Razor’s subscription. They are:-

  1. Cancel Billie through its official website
  2. Cancel Billie’s subscription via an Email

Let us discuss these methods in detail below:-

How to cancel my Billie Subscription through Billie’s official website

Users can directly cancel their subscription from its website by simply performing the steps that are stated below:

  1. Visit Billie’s company website:

    At first to start with, go to the official website of Billie through your preferred web browser on your computer or mobile.

  2. Log In to Billie’s Account:

    Next, enter the required credentials such as the Username and Password so as to Log In to the account on Billie.

  3. Navigate to the ‘Manage Subscriptions’ section:

    In the next step, once you get logged in to your account, directly navigate to the section on Manage Subscriptions.

  4. Click on the ‘Cancel Subscription’ button:

    Now, click the button on Cancel Subscription and ‘Confirm’.

  5. A confirmation mail will be sent to you:

    Lastly, an email on confirmation will be sent to your registered email address on the successful cancellation of the Billie subscription.
    Also, make sure to retain the confirmation mail carefully for future reference.

How to Billie cancel subscription via an Email

The steps to cancel my Billie subscription by Email are as follows:-

  • Send an email to You need to send the email to the company at Billie’s official email address as stated above.
  • Compose an email asking for the cancellation of the subscription:- Now, compose an email asking Billie’s team on Billie Razor to cancel the subscription.
  • Furnish the relevant details:- Then, ensure to deliver all the details and information related to the account on Billie and its plan on subscription along with the composed email.
  • A confirmation will be forwarded to you:- At last, the Billie customer support agent will contact you back to confirm that the Billie subscription has been canceled successfully.

Note:- Billie’s working hours: are 10 a.m to 5 p.m, available 7 days a week.

Thus, we hope this guide will help you to cancel the Billie subscription effortlessly.

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