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Cancel Barry’s Membership

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Want to know how to cancel Barry’s class subscription according to Barry’s cancellation policy. You have just arrived at the right blog. We present before you the simple method to cancel Barry’s Bootcamp. So we advise you to thoroughly go through this article till the end.

Barry’s Bootcamp is one of the world’s best workout platforms known. Its cardio interval and primary strength fitness event furnish high intensity, dynamic workout which is effective and is fun too. The classes on fitness alter between running on the treadmill and workout with weights and also focus every day on numerous muscles group so as to accomplish the actual outcomes and to assist in order to lessen the injury risk.

Cancellation Policy Barry’s Bootcamp

Barry’s Bootcamp cancellation policy states that in case you are not able to take the class then you have to cancel it at least 12 hrs beforehand. This will let the team manager for someone to get the primo treadmill. Any cancellation that is made in less than 12hrs prior to the starting of the class is known as a late cancel and because of this reason you will lose a class from the package and it will include a fee for a no-show if you are having the membership.

How to cancel Barry’s Membership

There are two methods that you can use for Barry’s Bootcamp to cancel your membership. They are:

  1. Through Email
  2. Cancel In-Person

1.  Cancel via Email

The first method that you can perform so as to cancel Barry’s subscription or its working class is by sending an email to its official email address.

The steps to follow are:

  • First, write an email to make a request to cancel the subscription.
  • In the next step, along with the cancellation email, you need to furnish all relevant details and personal information which are associated with the account on Barry’s subscription.
  • After that, you send the composed email to its respective official email address at
  • Lastly, make sure to ask about getting the confirmation email on the subscription cancellation as proof for future reference.

2. Cancel In-Person

The second method also known as the most common method to cancel the subscription is by visiting the branch itself.

So here are the steps that you need to go through:

  1. Go to the local branch from where you have attained the subscription.
  2. Next, talk to the representative who is a counter.
  3. Ensure to keep the crucial documents with you like your ID Proof, credit card, card of membership, or any such other when you visit the branch.
  4. Finally, ask about the cancellation mail or number once the cancellation gets completed successfully.

Note: Always remember to cancel the subscription at least 12 hrs before the classes or they might charge you a penalty charge for the late cancellation.


Hence, by now we hope you have learned the possible ways to cancel your Barry’s subscription. In spite of this if you still have any queries you can simply mail to and ask its customer service team to cancel the subscription account and guide you throughout the process.

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