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The Week Magazine brings the taste of the weekly news by curating the fairest of the United States and also on international media in a vibrant digest.

It is mainly built for people with a busy schedule. This magazine is loaded with suggestive and often presents incredible opinions that provide its readers with detailed insight and understanding into the weekly vital articles.

Yet if you got the subscription but are not satisfied with it then you can simply cancel it and this guide will assist you to do so. Through this page, you can easily perform the process of cancellation. Here we shall refer to the topic of ‘How to cancel The Week Subscription US’.

Here we have illustrated several strategies for you to cancel The Week subscription.

How to cancel The Week subscription

Steps to Cancel Over the Phone

The steps to follow are:

i. At first, keep ready with you all the details of the subscription account.

ii. In the next step, dial the Week Magazine phone number.

iii. Talk to the agent if you wish to cancel the subscription.

iv. Furnish all the information related to the account asked by the agent.

v. Lastly, make sure to ask about the confirmation mail after the cancellation as a future record.

Steps to Cancel Through an Email

  • Compose a cancellation email making a request to cancel the subscription to ‘The Week’.
  • Provide the relevant information that is related to your account.
  • Send the composed email to 
  • Ensure to ask them to send a confirmation mail on completion of the cancellation.

Steps to Cancel on iPhone or iPad

  1. The first thing you need to do is to go to ‘Settings’ on your device and click on the ‘Account name’.
  2. Next, select the ‘Subscriptions’. (If this option does not appear on your screen, then hit on the tab iTunes & Appstore).
  3. Now, choose Apple ID. 
  4. View the Apple ID and further sign in to the account on subscription and scroll to locate the option on ‘Subscriptions’.
  5. Then you must click on the ‘The Week Magazine’ subscription where you are looking to manage.
  6. To finish the procedure, tap on the ‘Cancel’ option.

Steps to Cancel on Android

Deleting the app from your device won’t end the subscription, so you need to first cancel the subscription. The points to refer to are:

  • Launch Google Play Store. 
  • Tap on ‘Subscriptions’ which is under the menu subscription.
  • Then select the subscription on ‘The Week Magazine’ which you are looking to cancel.
  • At last, hit the option on ‘Cancel Subscription and follow the steps as prompted to finish the process.

Steps to Cancel on Mac Computer

The process to cancel a subscription to The Week on a Mac computer are:

  • To start, initiate Mac App Store.
  • Click the ‘Profile Account’.
  • Tap on ‘View Information’ and then sign in to the account.
  • Scroll down the page to find the tab on ‘Subscriptions’.
  • Next, hit the ‘Manage’ section.
  • Further, select ‘Edit’ located near The Week Magazine app.
  • At last, click the button on ‘Cancel Subscription’ and it is done.

Steps to Cancel on PayPal

The steps to incur are:

  1. Log in to your PayPal account by visiting the website
  2. Next, click ‘Settings’ that is near the option on logout.
  3. Select the ‘Payments’ tab.
  4. n the next step, go to the dashboard on ‘Automatic Payments’ and choose ‘Manage Automatic Payments.
  5. Hit the option on ‘The Week Magazine US’ to review for cancellation. The page of confirmation will get displayed on the window.
  6. Further, hit the ‘Cancel Automatic Payments’ button to confirm the cancellation and to terminate paying the subscription to The Week Magazine.
  7. At last, click the ‘Done’ tab on your verification window so as to obtain the cancellation successfully.

Hope you find this page to cancel The Week Magazine subscription effective.

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