Cancel Shipt Membership

Shipt is based in the Alabama sector of Target Corporation firm. With the Shipt app download on your device and have signed up with its subscription for a month or a year then you will be able to get the service on groceries delivered to your doorstep.

But now if you do not desire to continue the subscription and thinking to cancel Shipt then this blog is for you. So here on this page, we will guide you on ‘How to cancel target Shipt membership’ with the different methods available.

Shipt enables its members to cancel the target order to receive a full refund when you do it before the shopper starts the shopping.

How to cancel Shipt free trial

Shipt does not easily allow its members to get rid of the membership. But if you have decided to do so then you can surely go for the methods that have been discussed below.

The different methods that a Shipt member can access in order to cancel its membership services manually are:

  1. Via Online through its website i.e using the Shipt Account
  2. Over the Phone
  3. Through an Email

We shall now look upon these methods in detail.

1. How to cancel Shipt Online through the website of the company

The steps to refer to in order to cancel Shipt membership via the Shipt website are as follows:

  1. Visit at Shipt website:

    To start with first, visit the website of Shipt through the preferred web browser on your phone or computer.

  2. ‘Login’ to Shipt account:

    Next, you must log in to the account on Shipt by entering the required details such as the Username and the Password of your Shipt account.

  3. Navigate to the ‘Review My Subscription’:

    Now, once you get logged in to the Shipt account, directly navigate to the ‘Review My Subscription’ tab.

  4. Search for the ‘Cancel membership’ option:

    Then, scroll down and find the option on ‘Cancel membership’ and click on it.

  5. Confirm the membership cancellation:

    Finally, you must confirm your cancellation to complete the process.

2. How to cancel Shipt membership over the Phone

The other method on Shipt cancel membership is to contact the Customer Support team of Shipt over the phone. The steps to perform are:

Step 1: Call the Shipt Customer Service
At first, dial the Customer Support phone number at +1 (205) 502-2500.

Step 2: Wait for the response
You need to hold for a while till the Shipt rep responds back.

Step 3: Request the cancellation
Now, talk to the representative and make a request to cancel the Shipt membership.

Step 4: Provide the required information
You need to provide the details of the account to the rep in order to identify and cancel the membership.

Note: You must learn that it may take time to reach the Shipt customer service. The phone queues usually seem to take a bit more time than expected.

3. How to cancel Shipt membership via an Email

The steps to be followed to cancel Shipt by sending an email to the company has been mentioned below:

  • Compose an Email:
    Firstly, write an email requesting to cancel the Shipt subscription.
  • Forward the email to the Shipt email address:
    Then simply send the email at
  • Furnish the required details:
    Make sure to provide the details of your Shipt account along with the composed of email.
  • Ask about getting the confirmation mail:
    You must ask the rep to get a confirmation number or mail on your phone upon the successful cancellation.
  • Retain the confirmation details carefully:
    Lastly, ensure to retain carefully the confirmation mail or number on your device for future records.


Thus, now we have learned the various options available for the Shipt Cancellation membership with the required steps.

Still, for any further query feel free to contact the Shipt customer service for help or assistance. Just remember that it may take some time for the rep to respond back to your query.

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