How To Cancel VASA Fitness,

The Top Methods for Cancelling Your VASA Fitness Membership

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Do not want to continue with your VASA Fitness Gym subscription then you can simply go for the cancellation of the membership. VASA Fitness comes up as a high-value health and fitness center in the affordable range of having up to 45 gym clubs in 6 distinct states.

On having any of the paid subscription plans, a member can sign in for any of its possible fitness and training features that range from its member’s personal training, group exercise sessions, swimming pools, and cardio cinemas to racquetball.

In this article, we shall illustrate the methods on ‘How to cancel VASA Fit’. Read this blog till the end to get information on all the VASA Fitness cancellation queries.

Things to Remember Before Canceling VASA Fitness Membership

Before moving ahead to the cancellation methods we need to consider some of the few factors. They are:-

  • To send a cancellation notice at least 1 month (i.e. 30 days) earlier.
  • Make a payment on the fees if still left until the cancellation date.
  • On canceling membership within the first 6 months of the subscription, you need to pay a cancellation fee of $25 to the account of VASA Fitness.

Cancelation Process Of VASA Fitness Membership

VASA Fitness extends several means to cancel the membership account. Let us look into these methods one by one in detail below.

How To Cancel VASA Fitness via App

Here is how you can cancel VASA through the App:-

  1. Go to your VASA Fitness Application.
  2. Click on the ‘My Account section from the below tab.
  3. Select the ‘Cancel Plan’ option.
  4. In the next step, you must enter the required information and details.
  5. Once it is done, hit the ‘Confirm’ button.
  6. Choose the subscription plan you have.
  7. Specify the reason for the cancellation.
  8. Hit the ‘Payment Mode’ to be enabled to cancel the subscription you need to pay your final payment if there is any.
  9. Confirm the payment to finalize the cancellation of the membership successfully.

Through Online How To Do VASA Fitness Cancel

Members can wield the online form to go for the membership cancellation:-

For this you are required to have the barcode, you can get the barcode from the key tag. You need to have the Club ID along with the Member Number. Your Birthdate and the ZIP Code will also be needed.

Fill in the required credentials on the online form at the page to initiate your cancellation.

How to Cancel VASA Fitness by Self-Service Mode?

To cancel your membership through the Self-Service Method the steps you must perform are:-

  1. Go to VASA Fitness’s official website at through your computer or phone.
  2. Next, directly navigate to its ‘Support Page’.
  3. Then, on the support section page, select the button on ‘Cancel Membership’.
  4. Finally, make sure to follow the on-screen prompts to complete the procedure.

How to cancel VASA Fitness through an Email?

Another method to cancel VASA Fitness is to send an Email to its official email address.

The steps to follow are:-

  1. Compose an email requesting to cancel the membership.
  2. Send it to
  3. Furnish the required information like contact details, and membership account information along with the email.
  4. Ask for a confirmation email from the company after successful cancellation.

How to cancel VASA Fitness by the Phone

If you find it difficult to follow any of the above-mentioned methods then you can choose to do your cancellation over the Phone.

  1. Get connected with the Vasa Fitness Customer Service through the phone.
  2. You need to dial the Vasa Fitness Customer Service phone number at 801-426-8644.
  3. The representative will further guide you throughout the cancellation steps.
  4. Keep ready with you all the required details for the cancellation such as the Member ID and so on.
  5. Provide the details to the rep when needed and follow their instructions thoroughly.

Hence the above described are the different methods that you can employ to cancel your VASA Fitness membership through the cache page. For any queries, feel free to contact the Customer Support service for further assistance.

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