How To Cancel Work Out World Membership

A Beginner’s Guide to Cancelling Work Out World Membership

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Does not wish to continue with your WOW Membership, then read this page to learn how to cancel your Work Out World New England membership.

But before let us look briefly at ‘What is WOW?

  • Work Out World also known as ‘WOW’ belongs to the Club for Health which aims to deliver a motivating environment for people who are looking to be fit. It was established in 1990 and is an exclusive gym franchise that has its base in New England.
  • Work Out World extends several amenities and features. They got the studio on square-foot aerobics, saunas steam rooms (at certain locations), and many more.
  • It proposes personal training and small group training. The WOW club promotes art equipment, babysitting services, staff that enlightens with proper techniques for the workout, fundamentals on fitness, and safety procedures.
  • Work Out World flatters itself by giving unique services and features that suit its particular customers.
  • Members can get a 1-day free trial to permit them to try with the faculties before attaining the membership. The membership fee may vary depending on the type of membership and its facilities. The membership plan starts at $10/per month.

Although it has great services yet some consumers wish to cancel Work Out World membership and there may be different reasons to do so. Cancellation of gym membership might be a daunting job. Thereby looking into these, we thought to bring to you the solutions to your questions on ‘How do I cancel my Work Out World membership’. So continue to read for more details.

Requirements To Cancel WOW Membership:-

Before moving to the cancellation process make sure to keep the following details ready:-

  • Full Name of the member
  • Contact Number
  • Birth Date
  • Account Number
  • Amount last charge
  • Email Address
  • Username
  • The password of the membership account
  • Billing Address
  • State/Region/Province
  • City.
  • Postal Code/ ZIP Code
  • Country
  • Cancellation Reason
  • The date on the Last Charged
  • The last 4 (four) numbers of the Card.

How to perform Work Out World Cancel membership?

As per the Work Out World cancellation policy, there are two methods available through which you can cancel your Work Out World New England membership. They are:

  1. Through Certified Mail.
  2. Over the Phone

1. How to cancel Work Out World membership through Certified Mail

The steps to be followed are:-

  1. Write a letter requesting cancellation:

    You need to compose a letter requesting to cancel the membership.

  2. Furnish all the details:

    Make sure to provide all the details and information that were listed above along with the letter.

  3. Put your ‘Sign’ and ‘Date’:

    Next, put the ‘Signature’ and the signing date on the letter. Also, keep a copy of the letter for future records.

  4. Send to the address of the gym by using certified mail:

    Then, you need to send the composed letter by using certified mail to the address which is provided by the gym office.

Once you are done doing these, you can dial the Work Out World phone number of the gym on which you signed up to ensure that the membership has been canceled. Also, remember to ask for a confirmation email or number and retain it carefully for future reference.

2. How to cancel Work Out World membership through Phone:

To cancel my Work Out World membership the steps one needs to perform are:-

  1. First, dial the Work Out World phone number on which you have signed up for the membership.
  2. Next, talk to the representative about the cancellation procedure.
  3. Provide your account details and information when the rep asks for it.
  4. Inquire about the terms of membership, if you are in contract or free to cancel.
  5. Make sure to follow all the steps carefully as instructed by the rep to complete the cancellation process successfully.

End Point

This is all for the method to cancel Work Out World Membership and hope you can follow it. Still, for any problems contact your gym customer service team to help you out.

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