Cancel Acorns Subscription

Acorns is known to be the easiest and largest investment application in the 21st Century.

Their progress is hard to be ignored as It has around millions of subscribers and billions of it under their management.

It is seen that plenty of them have attempted it but found it not to be useful for their use. And thereby decided to cancel Acorn TV subscription.

You will be thankful to know that the company has simplified the easy way to cancel the subscription on Acorns so that you can move to some other stuff.

In this article we will guide you on ‘How to cancel Acorns Subscription’ on its website and also on your Amazon FireStick device.

How to cancel Acorns subscription

If you wish to cancel the Acorns subscription then simply go through the steps that are stated below to cancel Acorns in no time.

  1. Login Acorns account:

    In order to cancel Acorns subscription through the browser, go to and login to the Acorns account with the relevant details.

  2. Navigate to the Subscription page:

    Once you logged in, directly navigate to the page on subscription or you can visit at to know the option in order to cancel the account.

  3. Hit on ‘Cancel Acorns’ tab:

    Now, in the subscription page you will get the option on Cancel Acorns subscription. Once you get this option, hit the tab on Cancel.

  4. Follow the guide on cancellation and provide the required information:

    Acorns may want to know the reason for the cancellation to improve the service for their customers. So answer it if they asked you any questions to carefully go with the cancellation.

  5. Confirm the cancellation:

    Lastly, make confirmation by rechecking your Acorns account via logging in, to check if the account has been cancelled successfully.

How to cancel Acorns subscription account via App

Here are the steps to cancel Acorns on App:

  • Launch the Acorns App
  • Navigate to the ‘Your Account’ section
  • Next, go to the ‘Subscription’ tab
  • At last, select the ‘Cancel Acorns’ button.

How to cancel Acorn TV on Amazon

On signing with Acorn TV with Amazon billing on the FireStick TV, the only way you can manage your subscription is through the website of Amazon.

So the steps on how to cancel Acorn TV on Firestick via is as follows:

  1. Visit on the official website of Amazon:
    At first to begin with, visit on the preferred web browser.
  2. Locate ‘Acorn TV’ subscription:
    Then, look for a subscription on Acorn TV.
  3. Click on ‘Actions’:
    Next, click the tab on Actions.
  4. Select on ‘Edit payment information’:
    Now, select the button on Edit payment information.
  5. Tap on ‘View billing history’:
    In the next step, tap on the View billing history button.
  6. Hit on the ‘Cancel your subscription’ option:
    At last, hit the option on Cancel your subscription to complete the cancellation process.
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