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Bally Total Fitness was a Fitness Franchise Club in America. It provides a full service of equipment, personal training, fitness classes, and many other services. Although it was seen that members of Bally had a pleasurable experience as it had passed with the Chapter 11 bankruptcy and sold ultimately all its 440 establishments which were located in the 29 states of the United States, Canada, China, Mexico, Caribbean, and South Korea to the several operating clubs such as to 24 Hour Fitness, Blast Fitness, and L.A. Fitness. The headquarters of the companies are situated in Chicago, Illinois.

To the competitor L. A Fitness around 171 facilities was sold in November 2011. To the club of Blast Fitness 39 branches were sold in December 2014. And to 24 Hour Fitness, the surviving 32 buildings were sold.

So many of its members now wish to cancel their membership from Bally Total Fitness but the cancellation process seems a bit critical and if not performed properly many of the members will face difficulty and you may be one of them. This blog will help you in canceling your membership from Bally Total.

How to Cancel Bally Total Fitness Membership?

The members of Bally Total have two choices on the subscription plan, one with the bi-weekly option on a pay-as-you-go which is not for the long term, and the paid-in-full subscription plan.

Both of the cancellation processes differ from each other. It is advisable to go through the gym contract which is also known as ‘Membership Agreement to obtain most of the accurate as well as complete details.

Requirements for canceling the membership:

  • Full Name of the member
  • A photo ID
  • Contact Number
  • Address
  • Email address
  • Membership Number
  • Social Security number (SSN)
  • Cancellation forms (given by the Bally Total Fitness)
  • Bank account details
  • Credit Card related to Bally account.

Methods for Bally Total Fitness Cancel Membership

For a Bi-Weekly membership cancellation:

  1. Visit the home gym of Bally Total Fitness.
  2. Look for a representative who deals with membership.
  3. Talk to the rep to cancel the Bally Contract on Bi-Weekly membership.
  4. Since as a member you made payment for the 1st (first) two weeks including the final two weeks at the time of enrollment, therefore a two-week lease must be there before the membership gets canceled.
  5. No specific paperwork information or details are required in the cancellation of the membership on a no-commitment plan with Bally Total Fitness.
  6. Make sure to review the bank account or the credit card after 30 days of canceling the membership to ensure that it has been successfully canceled.

For the cancellation of a Full Paid Membership:

  1. Go to the Bally Total Fitness gym at least two months before the account gets renewed.
  2. Talk to the membership agent and explain that you no longer desire to renew the membership and want to cancel it.
  3. You can also specify a solid region for the cancellation.
  4. Next, you may also need to sign the paperwork that is related to the process of cancellation.
  5. Lastly, check on the bank account or the credit card after 30 days of cancellation as a sign to ensure that the account has been canceled.


If your membership with Bally Total Fitness has been automatically transferred to any of the earlier above-mentioned fitness franchise clubs, then it is essential to contact your financial institution.

The billing of the new branches is mostly seen coming from the third-party team. So one must check the bank account to specify whom to make contact with if the billing for the membership that has been canceled still occurs.

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