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Quick Guide to Ending David Lloyd Membership

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David Lloyd is one of Europe’s leading health, sports groups, and leisure. It emphasizes around 120 clubs and then 99 clubs are addressed in the United Kingdom. These clubs provide their members with an outstanding destination to stay healthy. David Lloyd clubs permit its users with family memberships. It indicates that one can integrate the whole household into fun, healthy activities as well as sports.

It offers the state of art facilities for which it has been regarded such as gyms, outdoor gyms, a well-equipped exercise working place, and heated indoors. Along with these services, it also proposes activities for leisure in its luxurious spas and huge residence areas where the members can relax and socialize with the other club members and families.

But if you no longer desire to continue with the membership, the only way to get rid of is to cancel the membership. On this page, you will learn the method of how you can do so.

Requirements of the document to cancel membership on David Lloyd

You must furnish an ID document to prove your identity.

Note:- Only an official member who fills out the form of membership can perform David Lloyd cancel the subscription.

How to perform David Lloyd cancel membership

The points one must refer to cancel David Lloyd’s membership are as follows:-

  1. To cancel, you must first write a notice to the club.
  2. It must include addressing the Department of Membership of the specific club to which you belong to its member.
  3. You need to furnish to the club a 1 one-month notice, on possessing the flexible membership.
  4. On the other hand, to have a standard monthly or annual membership, you need to provide them with a 3-month notice.
  5. The notice can be sent via David Lloyd’s official website.
  6. To do this you must log in to the membership section and click on the ‘Manage my Membership’ tab.
  7. Members can even employ the apps on David Lloyd Clubs.

In this app, you must navigate to the ‘My Account/ Manage my Membership’ option to cancel the membership and then follow the prompted instructions.

Bottom Lines:

To contact the David Lloyd team, you will be able to communicate or submit your query via the David Lloyd Clubs’ official website or app. This platform delivers communication forms to its members.

Hope this helps you and guides you through canceling David Lloyd’s membership.

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