Crew Carwash Cancel Membership

Crew Carwash Cancel Membership

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Want to cancel your Crew Carwash subscription? The Crew Carwash is one of Indiana’s established firms that trade on selling Unlimited Pass, which bestows its members with access to assign lanes and outstanding service when the car has been washed.

This Unlimited Pass has been formulated to conserve the money of its members, especially for the regular customers.

How to cancel Crew Carwash by Own

The Crew Carwash company proposes a minimum option so as to cancel Crew Carwash membership Unlimited Pass.

For this you need to sign up on Unlimited Pass via In-Person so as to receive the barcoded sticker punched on the windshield. For this, you must visit the branch to purchase an Unlimited Pass.

Note: Crew Carwash does not permit the members of Crew Carwash to cancel subscriptions in person.

How to cancel Crew Carwash membership

The only method to cancel Crew Carwash membership is over the Phone.
Here are the steps you are required to follow:

  1. Call the Crew Carwash phone number:

    Firstly dial the service team number at 888-632-5627.

  2. Provide the information asked:

    Next, provide the required information related to the membership account such as:
    the Unlimited tag number ( that is located near the barcode on your windshield sticker).

  3. Wait for the confirmation response:

    Hold for a while, to get the confirmation on the membership canceled successfully.

Crew Carwash cancel subscription Refund

Crew Carwash does give you a refund on canceling the subscription with Unlimited Pass. It will cancel your pass on the following date of billing, which indicates that as a member you can wield the feature till the next billing date arrives.

That’s all on Crew Carwash subscription cancellation and hope it’s been helpful for you to follow it conveniently and handily.

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