How To Cancel Fitness SF Membership,

How To Cancel Fitness SF Membership?

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SF gym extends a varied range of fitness features that include personal instructors. It is located in the San Francisco Bay Area.

If you desire for Fitness SF to cancel then you can continue to read this page to learn about the Fitness SF cancellation policy and the methods to do so.

Process To Cancel Fitness SF Membership Manually

Fitness SF offers only a single method for Fitness SF to cancel membership. According to the SF Fitness cancel membership policy, the method to cancel Fitness SF is via Email.

The steps to cancel membership at SF Fitness are as follows:-

  1. Write an Email:

    First, you need to write an email to the Fitness SF platform requesting for SF Fitness to cancel your membership.

  2. Furnish the relevant information:

    In the next step, provide the details required which include the full name of the member, membership number or the key tag, and the address of the gym in the mail.

  3. Send the email to the official email address:

    Further, you need to forward the composed mail to, the official email address of Fitness SF.

  4. Ask for confirmation mail:

    Lastly, make sure to ask about the confirmation email on cancellation once it gets processed for future records.

To successfully cancel the membership at Fitness SF, the member needs to forward the mail a minimum of 15 days beforehand from the following debit date automatically. If this is not done in the given period then the firm may charge its member for the next month itself.

On processing the cancellation request, the Fitness SF will send the confirmation mail. If the approval has not been received by you, then you need to contact the customer service team of Fitness SF, as, without confirmation, the member will still be liable for their bill.

Bottom lines:

Fitness SF doesn’t prorate the cancellation. It needs 15 days’ notice time before terminating the membership, thereby one must be careful not exceed to the following month otherwise the member will be charged for the cancellation. Hope this particular method will be a guide for you to cancel your SF Fitness membership, for any query get in touch with its customer support service for help.

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