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How To Cancel MEGA Subscription?

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MEGA offers user-controlled cloud storage software. Now if you have the subscription but desire to cancel it and looking for information then this article will be a fruitful one to clear your confusion on canceling the MEGA subscription.

Requirements to cancel a MEGA subscription

Listed below are the details that will be needed at the time of cancellation of the MEGA subscription and you must keep it ready before proceeding to cancel steps:

  • Name of the subscriber
  • Last name of the user
  • Contact number
  • Username of the account
  • Password
  • Registered Email address
  • Address of Billing
  • City of residence
  • Province/ State/ Region
  • Postal Code or ZIP Code
  • Country
  • The reason for the cancellation
  • The last four(4) digits of the card
  • The amount that was last charged
  • Date of last charged

Points to know on canceling the subscription account:

One must have an idea and some knowledge before you moves forward with the cancellation procedure.

The points include:

  • Having subscribed to any of the plans but you didn’t cancel it manually in the way you had subscribed, then the respective plan will get renewed automatically because it had been already permitted by you.
  • When subscribed for the trial period, then one can cancel it but you must take the risk to lose the trial offer as well.
  • Make sure to cancel the subscription manually 24 hours prior to when the trial period expires.

How to cancel a MEGA subscription

Here are the methods discussed in order to cancel a subscription on MEGA depending on the device you use.

1. How to cancel MEGA via Email

The steps that one must follow to cancel my MEGA subscription through an Email are as follows:

  1. Compose an Email:

    At first, we need to formulate an Email.

  2. Provide the information of the account:

    Next, we provide all the information related to the account.

  3. Request to the agent to cancel the subscription account:

    Then, we must make a request to the agent of MEGA so as to cancel the account on subscription.

  4. Ask me to send you the confirmation email or number:

    Make sure to ask the agent to send back you a confirmation email or the number.

  5. Forward the email to the official email address of MEGA:

    Lastly, forward the email to MEGA at

2. How to cancel the subscription to MEGA on an Android device:

In Android cancel the MEGA subscription on an Android device, one must realize that uninstalling or deleting the app of MEGA would not cancel the account. So one must follow the below-mentioned steps to cancel the account on the subscription of MEGA.

Step1: Go to ‘Google Play Store’:
Firstly, on the Android device, directly go to the ‘Google Play Store’.

Step2: Sign In to the Google Account:
In the next step, with the relevant details Sign In to the Google Account.

Step3: Hit the ‘Menu’ tab:
Then, hit the section on ‘Menu’.

Step4: Navigate to ‘Subscriptions’:
Next, navigate to the ‘Subscription’ tab.

Step5: Select ‘MEGA’:
Now, you must select the ‘MEGA subscription’ that we desire to cancel.

Step6: Click on the option of ‘Cancel Subscription:
Click the button on ‘Cancel Subscription’.

Step7: Follow the steps as directed to cancel:
Lastly, follow the steps as directed to successfully cancel the subscription.

When the MEGA subscription is removed from the Google Play Store, the subscriptions in the future will get canceled and won’t get renewed in the future.

3. How to cancel a MEGA subscription on an iPhone:

In order to cancel the MEGA subscription on iPad or iPhone the steps one must perform are stated below:

  1. Go to the ‘Settings’ app:
    In the first step, go to the ‘Settings’ app on the iPhone device.
  2. Hit on the ‘Name’ icon:
    Now, hit the icon of ‘Name’.
  3. Click on the tab ‘Subscription’:
    Next, click the ‘Subscription’ tab (if not displayed visit the Apple Store).
  4. Tap the ‘Apple ID’:
    Then, one needs to tap on the ‘Apple ID’.
  5. View and Sign In to the Apple ID:
    In the next step, view and Sign In to your account on Apple ID.
  6. Scroll to the button ‘Subscriptions’:
    Now, scroll down to the option on ‘Subscriptions’.
  7. Hit on the ‘MEGA’ subscription:
    Next, select the subscription on ‘MEGA’ to review and cancel.
  8. Click on the ‘Cancel’ button:
    In the last step, click the button ‘Cancel’.

How to cancel MEGA essays subscription:

  • For MEGA essay canceling, one must log in to the page of account cancellation with the required credentials on its official website.
  • On the next page, make confirmation that you desire to cancel the account.
  • Provide the ‘Username’ and the account ‘Password’.
  • Hit the ‘Cancel My Account’ tab.

For any queries or doubts, you can contact the customer support team of them for further guidance.

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