How To Cancel Chuze Fitness Membership

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Searching for a way on Chuze fitness cancel membership?? If the answer is ‘Yes’ then you are at the right page.

Chuze Fitness is a well-known fitness franchise that is rising in a steady manner as a brand in the States of America.

Chuze Fitness proposes various plans on membership at reasonable prices with outstanding services and facilities.

It has its own Mobile App on Chuze Fitness which enables its users to track the workout, setting their own fitness goals etc. The members are allowed to participate in the Chuze Club Challenges and also some of the challenges that are accessible globally.

As a whole you can say that Chuze is a stunning fitness club to go for even for a beginner in fitness.

Still, if you think like it is not desirable for you any more due to several reasons. It may be that you do not prefer this gym in personal view or switched to some other gym and so on. In such types of cases it is logical to go for Chuze fitness cancel the membership and save the money.

Therefore, here on this page, we shall bring to you the steps on ‘How do I cancel my Chuze fitness membership’ in a simple manner.

Yet, you need to abide by and know the terms and conditions that are stated by Chuze before you cancel membership at Chuze fitness.

Chuze Fitness Cancellation Policy

Listed below are some of the things you must learn before canceling Chuze fitness membership as the cancellation policy:

  • The membership must be at good standing before proceeding to the cancellation.
  • The Chuze Fitness cancellation method is to be done In-person which is most preferable.
  • You must cancel your membership in Chuze fitness directly by visiting your nearest Chuze club and then signing to its Cancellation form.
  • You need to deliver the cancellation form in advanced notice at least 10 days prior to your next date of billing in order to get rid of any additional charges which you may have to expend.
  • There are also some of the other methods which you can go for to cancel membership in Chuze Fitness i.e via letter, fax, or email.

How To Cancel Chuze Fitness Membership

In order to cancel my Chuze Fitness membership the steps that we need to perform are discussed in detail below:

  1. Go to nearest Chuze Fitness Center:

    You first need to go to your nearest Chuze Fitness club which is located near to your home.

  2. Talk to the Gym rep:

    Then, talk to your Chuze Fitness rep that you desire to cancel Chuze membership.

  3. Sign for Chuze Fitness cancellation form:

    Now, the rep may ask to sign the form on cancellation by asking your name, reason for cancelling the subscription and your signature.

  4. Submit the cancellation form:

    Once done filling the form, you need to submit it to the necessary desk. Also, make sure to get confirmation from the rep for future records.

Due to some reason, if you are unable to visit the centre and cannot go in-person, you can send an email to your Chuze fitness centre and provide the reason for cancellation along with with the mail.

Send your cancellation request through mail, fax number or via mailing address to the Chuze help by sending it to its email address Once you forward it, Chuze gym will provide the required information and details regarding its mailing address as it is not disclosed for privacy reasons.

What is the Chuze fitness cancellation fee

Chuze Fitness have some limited charges on cancelling Chuze membership even though you had signed in for 12 months i.e on yearly subscription.

So, you need to deliver a notice on cancellation of a 10 day period which needs to be prior to your next billing date to avoid getting charged on future dates of subscriptions.

On cancelling your subscription in the yearly usage period, then Chuze fitness cancellation fee is $50.

If you are a new Chuze subscription member, then you can use the buyers’ remorse service that refers to your first 5 days of subscription. On availing this, you may receive a full refund when you cancel the subscription on this period of 5 working days on starting of your subscription.


If there is any weekends existing between this period that you  have bought the membership, then the period of cancellation gets extended to 7 days (a week)

Bottom lines:

Thus, this is the overall guide that you need to follow on ‘How to cancel Chuze Fitness’ and hope you have learnt it well. For any further assistance or queries, you can also visit the Chuze Fitness official website to learn more on its membership plans.