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Financial Times is the leading newspaper over the globe covering financial and business news. It offers crucial reports and analysis to enterprising individuals and firms along with oversight services putting the expertise and content into practical service.

Financial Times also has an application available for Android and iOS users which can be downloaded for free. You cannot access content until you have the Digital Membership.

If you want to cancel Financial Times Subscription then here is the information that you will be required in order to complete the procedure. 

What is the Financial Times Cancellation Policy

Financial Times offers a Trial period for customers and after completing the period, the account will move to a paid subscription. According to the policy, you cannot take up two trials in a period of 12 months. If you do so, the trial subscription will be canceled and no refund will be allotted. 

You can get the subscription by ordering and registering on through email, phone, and Live Chat. The email address provided should be a valid one and the payment details are said to be true on every grounds. After that, the order requested will be approved.

If the details provided are found to be false then the company will directly cancel the Subscription. The subscription purchased should be utilized by a single party. In case you share the right to access to a third party then your subscription account will automatically be canceled by the company.

The rates for the fee to be paid for the subscription will appear when you click on the Subscribe tab. The cost fluctuates depending on the country and discounts are offered when you purchase the subscription and no modification in the middle of the subscription.

In case no authorization is made, the company will terminate the membership.

During Trial Subscription, you will receive the rates of the subscription to get access to different contents. If there is any change in the fee, you will be notified about this 14 days prior to the changes.

If the price is stated incorrectly online, the refund will be given back to you canceling the subscription purchased.

Refunds are credited to the original mode of payment.

How do I cancel my Financial Times Subscription?

When you decide to cancel the subscription to Financial Times, you can surely proceed by using the methods that will be discussed below.

  • Canceling subscription Online
  • Reach out on phone to cancel your Financial Times Membership
  • Write an Email to request the cancellation of the Subscription

Can I cancel my Financial Times Subscription to Online

Yes, for sure the subscription can be opted out by following the steps:-

  • Firstly, you need to have your account details to log in to the account. Enter the credentials and tap the login button.
  • The next move is to Check for the Subscriptions option under  Settings & Account section.
  • Now, tap on Cancel Subscription.

When you request to cancel the subscription, the plan does not end instantly. It only gets canceled after the subscription plan expires. There are different types of Subscriptions available such as Digital Trial, Premium Digital Subscription, or Digital Subscription. You can select anyone and get access to different content at

How to request cancellation of Subscription over Phone

You can request to cancel the Financial Times membership on the phone. Before making the request you need to have all informative details regarding your subscription account handy. This includes – Name in full, account details along with your Email ID linked to the account, Billing info, and contact number registered with the account.

  1. Call -800-0705-6477.
  2. Once the call is answered, you will be asked to verify your information.
  3. Provide them with your valid details. This makes the representative proceed with the information gathered verifying your details. 
  4. Now, request to cancel the subscription.
  5. You will receive a confirmation message confirming the cancellation.

Cancel subscription at Financial Times through Email

If you wish to terminate the services offered at Financial Times, you can write an email and deliver it to Mention your name, billing details, account number, and contact number. You need to clearly state that you want to cancel the account. Also, provide them with the reason to cancel.

Did you know, you can temporarily suspend the delivery of newspapers at the Financial Times? You need to provide a notice in advance.

  1. Click on Newspaper Subscriber Services online.
  2. Pick the region you are currently in.
  3. Tap on the statement “I want to suspend my delivery”.
  4. Mention the reference number and the Zip Code.
  5. Click on the Submit tab.

Financial Times offers Prorated refunds on canceling the deliveries with a condition. In case the cancellation is made in 14 days you will be able to have your refunds.


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