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Concern about Graze Subscription cancellation and cannot figure out how to proceed to cancel the subscription box. Whatever the reason to cancel the service at Graze, the company is willing to support customers to resolve their issues.

Graze is a UK company that delivers as well as makes snacks for customers to deliver to their doorstep. No charges are required to pay for the handpick snacks. Customers can customize their food meals but for that, you need to create an account and mention your snack type, and the rest is vested on Graze. You can get the products at many supermarkets. Those with allergies might not be suitable for Graze products.

If you are a new customer at Graze, $7.49 will be charged for a snack with 8 types included on it. Later on, the charge will be moved to $14.99. With promotional codes, you might receive meals for free sometimes.

How to Cancel Graze Box Subscription

You can Postpone the time of delivery but you cannot pause the subscription if you do not want to remove the subscription permanently. But still, if you feel that the charges incurred are higher or you do not find the snacks as per your expectation, you can surely opt out of the Graze Subscription.

Cancel Subscription Online

The steps to cancel your Graze membership online are as follows:-

  1. Click on the URL link to enter the Graze homepage.
  2. Now, enter the Login credentials of your account.
  3. Click on the “My Graze” option and there you will see the option “My boxes” and then tap on it.
  4. Search the order to cancel and select the “Manage my box”/ “Manage one-off box” option.
  5. Click on the “Cancel this box” option. Mention your Full Name, Email ID, Password, Order Details, Address, Location, and ZIP and if you are outside the USA include the Country name.
  6. You will see a pop-up “Your boxes have been stopped” displayed on the screen.

Cancel My Graze Box Subscription via Email

  1. Compose an email asking customer support to cancel the subscription box.
  2. Provide them with your account details so that they can get into your account.
  3. Next, send the email to

How do I cancel my Graze subscription on the website?

The subscription to Graze can be canceled by making a request and filling out a form online.

  1. Click on
  2. Provide the necessary details related to your account. This would help the rep to discover your account.
  3. Click on the Send Email option.
  4. Make sure to save the Reference ID for later use.

You need to pay the charge for the order placed in 6 hours and in case you cancel the subscription within the mentioned time, a full refund will be allowed. But if you fail to cancel the order, no refund will be allowed as the snacks are already being shipped for delivery.

If you refuse the delivery box still no refunds will be allotted because the products are perishable and cannot be kept for long.

But, you can postpone your delivery for some time instead of canceling the box.

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