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Nespresso S.A. now as Nespresso is the operating department of Nestlé Group, in Switzerland. It is a leading company in manufacturing coffee machines and coffee accessories along with individual plans who wish to acquire supplies of coffee or machines. You will be stunned to hear that 4.8 approx UK people hold a machine of Nespresso.

Not all people want to receive coffee supplies each month and wish to have it canceled. But they might not know how to proceed with cancellation and so they still keep on paying monthly charges for the coffee received.

So, here we are with the blog to help those customers who expect to opt out of the monthly subscription plan.

How to cancel my Nespresso Subscription

If you still fear about how to eliminate the subscription, do not be stressed out as you can do the cancellation without utilizing any technical experts.

  • Dial at -0800-442-442 to reach out to the customer representative.
  • You need to wait but before that keep all the necessary information handy. 
  • Provide them when asked and also describe the reason to cancel the subscription. Point out the issue that you are facing currently.
  • You will receive a confirmation message through email ensuring that your subscription is being canceled.

This process of contacting over the phone to talk with a rep seems to be hectic as your call might not be answered at once.

The other methods to call customer service are by visiting the online page through the Live Chat option and you can also move to the My Account option and click on the Cancel tab.

You might be dissatisfied with canceling the account because no refund for the fees paid on a monthly basis during the date of termination.

Alternatively, you will be happy to learn about the cooling-off time offered at Nespresso which is the cancellation time in 14 days. As per the Consumer Contract Regulations Act, UK customers have the full pledged right to opt out of the purchases in 14 days.

Following that you need to fill up a withdrawal form available on the web or by dialing -0808-100-8844 customer service number.

In case, if the period of 14 days is over or you cancel the contract in a 24-month period which is minimum, you are expected to pay the charges for the cancellation of the selected plan.

Many customers wonder about the cancellation fees at Nespresso which is important to be aware of before you opt out from the subscription. You bought a coffee machine under the subscription of Nespresso and now you want to cancel the 24-month plan which is possible. But if the fee is not yet paid for the 2-year period that is to be paid each month, here you need to pay the fee for termination. If you have Nespresso credit on your account, this cannot be utilized to pay off the charges on cancellation.

The fee charged relies on the plan you are currently in:-

  • £20 Plan – £70
  • £30 Plan – £140
  • £25 Plan – £110
  • £70 Plan – £550
  • £35 Plan – £160
  • £55 Plan – £250
  • £45 Plan – £200

Note:- No refund will be offered for the monthly charges paid during the cancellation of the Nespresso Subscription.

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