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SimpliSafe is a company that offers economical choices for establishing an alarm system for household security. The alarm produced has a self-installation facility, offering adequate security benefits against water damage, fire accidents, emergencies, and so on. Regardless of supplying better services, customers still feel that other companies too provide similar services at reasonable rates. If you feel that you can move to a different company and have better prices, then cancel the SimpliSafe Subscription.

How do I cancel my SimpliSafe Subscription? 

Cancelling SimpliSafe seems to be easy by calling customer service over the phone. You cannot cancel the subscription using the app because no online option is available for it. The company on the other hand does not charge a fee for cancelling the SimpliSafe subscription.

The process of eliminating SimpliSafe is quite simple and easy to understand and if the equipment is owned by you, there is no need to return the device to the company. The cancellation procedure can be problematic as only one option is available for canceling the SimpliSafe account and the difference in time zone will create problems to contact companies to call in the eastern region.

If you want to cancel the subscription, the steps below will help you with SimpliSafe Subscription cancellation:-

  1. First and foremost, be ready with the account information so that you can furnish it when asked.
  2. Dial -1-888-957-4675, and wait for the rep to answer the call.
  3. Once answered, you will need to explain the reason for the call to the rep.
  4. Also, clearly describe the reason for cancellation.
  5. There are a few additional questions to which you need to reply.
  6. Now, proceed to ascertain the cancellation.

On completing the procedure you are required to wait till you receive confirmation of cancelling the subscription over email.

There is no refundable option for opting out of the subscription, still, some options to assess:

  • In case, you want to reactivate the account, the time not utilized will be accessible.
  • If the return is in 60 days, the money will be refunded by the company excluding the subscription period. No trial period will be offered but a return duration of 60 days. 

SimpliSafe services can be easily started and stopped. If you wish to start the service again at a later period, this can be done using the security app of SimpliSafe. You can also choose the phone option to call customer support in order to downgrade the service.

In SimpliSafe, if you do not want to keep the equipment, the option to transfer to another is also available, but first, there is a need to cancel the subscription canceling the service. After that, the new owner will activate a new account and initiate a new plan.

Cancel SimpliSafe Subscription UK

If you are from the UK, you can still cancel the subscription by calling at -0800-920-2420 from Monday to Friday. 

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