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Lowe’s is an American association operating retail stores and items for home improvement in different states like Canada, US and Mexico. Though Lowe is the second largest chain for hardware over the globe, this does not deny the fact that the company’s items are free of error.

If you made purchases at Lowe’s and rethinking about cancelling the order. But, the problem is, you are not aware of the cancellation procedure for orders made at Lowe. Through this article, we will be providing information about cancelling the order, cancelling Lowe’s protection plan, cancelling Lowe’s credit card, lowe’s cancelling the pickup order, and so on.

Like any other store, Lowe’s product might fail to impress you or you wish to cancel it before the item reaches your doorstep. You will be fortunate to learn that Lowe’s accepts cancellation of an order if the item is not yet shipped or no one has picked up the order from the store. In case, you want an exchange still Lowe’s approves the exchange. 

How do I cancel my Lowe’s online order?

If the shipment is not initiated you can cancel the order or cancel the store pickup order by visiting the online page of Lowe’s and tapping the Orders and Purchases section.

The steps of instructions you can follow to cancel Lowe’s order:-

  1. Login to the account using credentials.
  2. Search for the order and select Details.
  3. Next, move to a Delivery category, and select the Cancel option.
  4. Pick the cancellation reason and tap on the Yes, Cancel button.
  5. After that, the company will send you an email with updated details of the order.

Lowe’s Refund on Cancelled Order

Return of items to Lowe’s store is possible if you do not wish to keep the product with you or received a damaged product. The returns are required system approval. You need to furnish proof of purchase during exchange or returns and refund money will be credited to the account or in-store credit or in cash form.

Some products are required to return in 90 days but you need to go through a few exceptions. If your return item has a receipt, the return period is up to 30 days.

Here are the items that we have listed for you:

  1. Plants

    You need to provide a receipt for requesting the return or replacement of tree, shrub or perennial purchases at Lowe’s within the period of one year. The other plant has a return period of 90 days.

  2. Special orders

    Refunds on Special Orders are subjected t pay 20% as restocking charges. This amount will be deducted from the refund money.

  3. Holiday Items

    If the item is purchased after the holiday, this will be the final sale and the return on Lowe’s is not approved. Make sure to return items on or prior to the day of the holiday.

  4. Highway Trailers

    You can return them in their original form at the store. Make sure to carry paperwork incorporating the title.

  5. Outdoor Power Equipment

    Unused products like generators, blowers, log splitters, pressure washers, snow throwers, edgers, wood chippers, and earth augers are subjected to return in 30 days. The other items like the craftsman and black decker are to be returned in 90 days.

  6. Major Appliances

    Here include washer pedestals, refrigerators, dryers, freezers, hoods, dishwashers, microwaves, cooktops, washers, wall ovens and heaters.

  7. TV and Electronics & Liquid Paint

    Products are to be sent in unused condition in order to be approved by Lowe’s for return.

If you follow the rules and policies and you sent the item in unused form, the product will go through inspection procedure and then the company will provide you refund in 5 – 7 working days. 

In case, the order is not delivered or even after cancelling the pickup order you still receives no response from company. You can charge them by contacting customer service and request a compaint about the issue you are currently facing. 

  • Dial at -1-800-445-6937 over the phone
  • Email at support
  • Contact customer support at

Contacting Lowe’s customer service at -800-444-1408 and reach out for help for cancelling Lowe’s Credit Card.

How do I cancel my Lowe’s Protection Plan

The protection plan is available in-store as well as online. You need to return the item in 30 days if purchased at store by visiting the Lowe’s store and withdrawing the plan. If the purchase was made online or the period of 30 days is surpassed, then compose an email and send it to incorporating the contact details such as full name, phone number and address.

Hope, this article will help you in cancelling the online order and claim refunds at Lowe’s.

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