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What is FreedomPop Cancellation Policy? When you decide to opt for a new network provider, you need to cancel the previous one. So, is the case with FreedomPop Account, took the free trial period but the plan does not seem to assuage your expectation. Now, you want FreedomPop Account to be removed completely from the device.

You might not be in a stable state to pay off the monthly bills of FreedomPop and the last option is to terminate the account. This page is all about FreedomPop Account cancellation, FreedomPop cancels account refunds and canceling services at FreedomPop.

FreedomPop is a brand that provides services to customers with reasonable plan rates. It is an American brand offering cellular as well as wireless internet services. The services here are free and are quite inexpensive using AT&T and Sprint networks. This is the reason why the service cost is low. There are numerous plans for customers that include a free trial plan with unlimited calls, data, and text. The company also provides subscriptions offering additional features.

What is FreedomPop Cancellation Policy

If you cancel the account, as per the policy the internet will halt automatically and the number will also deactivate. Accounts will not reactivate and if any rollover data accumulate, bonus data and Friends data also be lost.

You need to downgrade the account to a free plan if you do not want to lose any data.

In case, you do not wish to lose the number, make sure that the account is active till you complete the transfer. The new provider will notify about the requirements of transfer and the stages to perform. Get the account number and PIN in order to transfer to another provider. After the phone number is transferred, ensure to return and terminate the account.

The Free plan arrives with Unlimited calling of ten minutes. If you wish to utilize the mobile internet for over 2 minutes then you need to subscribe to the plan for $13.99 a month with 500MB.

FreedomPop delivers a Money Back Guarantee of 14 Days for the equipment and accessories that are purchased from it.

There are numerous reasons that customers want to terminate the FreedomPop account:-

  • You might want to transfer to other network services.
  • The quality of service is poor.
  • The device is idle for months.
  • You are moving to a new state where FreedomPop services might not work.

How do I cancel my FreedomPop account?

If the FreedomPop service does not fulfill your expectation, you can terminate the account. As of now, you learned about the cancellation policy. The company provides two methods to cancel the FreedomPop account. 

  • FreedomPop Cancel Service via Phone
  • Cancel FreedomPop Account Online

Canceling my FreedomPop account over the Phone

You can cancel the account by dialing customer service at -424-317-9266. Provide the account-related details and also mention the reason for canceling the subscription. You can contact the rep directly and clearly request them to cancel the account. Ask them to provide you with the notification confirming the cancellation.

How to Cancel FreedomPop Subscription Account Online

If you do not want to wait for long hours to get in touch with the customer support team, you can select the Online option to terminate the account on your own.

The steps involved to terminate the FreedomPop Order are as follows:-

  • Visit the website and enter the login details.
  • Next, tap the Settings tab.
  • After that, pick the Account Status option.
  • Now, tap on the Cancel Account tab to confirm the cancellation.

FreedomPop Account Cancel Refund

If you check for the terms and policies, no refund will be allotted for the prepaid fees in case you cancel the service. If you paid for the services, continue utilizing the service offered till the plan expires.

Another important thing to note is that you cannot pause the subscription as no such is applicable to it.

If you wish to have the account removed permanently, try the steps mentioned below:-

  • Firstly, type the Email ID or Username and Password and click the Login tab.
  • Next, select the Settings tab.
  • After that, scroll to the Account category.
  • Now, tap the option “Delete Account”.
  • You need to go through the instructions displayed on the screen and complete the deleting process.
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