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If you are not satisfied with EE Contract and wish to try other networks for your device, then the only option is cancelling your contract with EE. But do you know or ever tried putting an end to any broadband or services? Do not worry because we are at your back just for you to help you out with this article.

EE is one of the major service providers in the states of the UK with customers millions. The company was formed by merging Orange and T-Mobile and expanding to Europe. There are many service providers and one might wish to take up another network and before selecting a different network you need to cancel the previous one first. Paying for two services might cost you more and so cancel the EE contract and then proceed with another service.

Cancelling an EE Contract can be processed online, proceed to the webpage portal and sign in to the account. Click on Account Settings and tap on the Leave EE tab. Go through the instructions and the contract will be terminated.

How can I cancel My EE Contract?

Cancelling a contract with EE follow-up three methods that lead to smooth cancellation of the Contract. We will be discussing the methods below. You can select anyone as per your requirement.

  • Cancel EE Contract Online
  • Cancellation of EE Contract over Phone
  • Cancel the contract In-Store

Can I cancel the Contract with EE Online

Yes, you can terminate the contract online. If you expect to have contract cancellation in the easiest and simplest manner then this method will be much preferable for you.

Here are the steps to perform for cancelling EE broadband online:-

  1. From your device, head to the browser and search for the EE web portal.
  2. You might already have an account and so just enter the Login information to get into the homepage.
  3. The main reason to log in is to terminate the account membership.
  4. Click on the Menu option.
  5. Go to Account Settings and tap on it.
  6. The option will blink up showing Leave EE, click on it. Next, follow the instructions displayed on-screen and confirm the cancellation.

Thus, the contract will be terminated by following the steps mentioned above.

Cancel Contract EE over the Phone

If you want to direct contact with customer service, reach them over the phone.

From the EE gadget, call 150 or try calling at -0800-956-6134. Once you are connected to a customer representative of EE, talk to them about the reason for the call that you do not want to continue with the service provider. The timings are from 8 AM – 7 PM from Monday – Friday and on weekends from 9 AM – 7 PM. Sunday is a holiday.

Give them your details of the contract and make sure that all details are valid in order to have a smooth cancellation process.

Contract of EE cancellation In-Store

If you are aboard you might not be able to cancel the contract in-store because in such case you will be asked to present in person. But if you are a resident and have a store nearby, you can head to the store to make the request. The process of termination of the contract in-store might be lengthy but in actual situations, you can directly contact customer support.

Visit the store of EE and talk to the staff in charge that you want to terminate the service. Ask them if any refund is available on cancellation. 

Do not forget to return the equipment after discontinuing the contract and you might have a refund. In case you cancel the contract instantly, the days you utilized the service will be taken from the refund amount.

Cancellation of the EE Contract can be done after 2 years of commitment, for this, you need to notify the company with a notice 30 days prior to the end of the contract term. 

Suppose, you have not yet paid the amount for EE Contract, your services will be terminated then and there off. Still, they do not want to lose customers and will ask you to pay. In case you are out of reach, the services will be terminated.

The services offered from EE Contract might be better but not all customers might get as per their expectations. Sometimes the EE coverage might be poor which seems to frustrate customers and to take up another network provider. Cancelling of EE Contract is possible using the 3 methods and you can pick which one best works for you.

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