Cancel Horizon Gold Card

Cancel Horizon Gold Card

Horizon Gold Card is the kind of store card that is accessible only for employing it within the website of the Horizon Outlet store. It mainly dealt with the consumers having bad credit and does not need any form of credit checks or employment to start.

How to cancel my Horizon Gold Card

The only method for Horizon Gold Card cancellation on your own is over the Phone.
Following are the steps to cancel my Horizon Gold Card where one requires to get in touch with the Horizon team directly over the phone.

  1. Dial Horizon phone number:

    Firstly, you must dial the customer support service of Horizon phone number at 1-800-251-6144

  2. Talk to the Horizon agent:

    In the next step, talk to the representative of Horizon Gold to cancel membership.

  3. Furnish essential information:

    Now, provide the required details that are related to the account.

  4. Ask about the email on confirmation of the cancellation:

    Finally, ensure to get the confirmation email on cancellation for future records.

Note: Users will be permitted to earn a partial refund if the call on cancellation is made within 30 days from the next billing.

That’s in brief the only method for cancellation of Horizon Gold Card cancel.

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