Cancel Labour Party Membership

Cancel Labour Party Membership

Have you the desire to cancel your membership Labour Party? This article may be quite helpful for you.

To your surprise, the method of Labour Party membership cancellation is a sort of tricky procedure. As the website of Labour does not extend any suggestion under the Membership section and its rulebook does not include advice on how to cancel Labour party membership. Yet there stated several acts which may lead to trigger the suspension of the Labour members that were disclosed in 2016 during ‘purges’.

If a decision has been taken to withdraw as a Labour Party member for any reason the steps one needs to perform for ‘How to cancel my Labour Party Membership’ are:

  • Cancel Standing or direct debit order

The initial step is to cancel the Standing or direct debit order which can be achieved by either reaching out to the bank through contact or via the banking service online.

Yet, this won’t cancel the membership instantly. According to the Labour Party rulebook, a member is supposed to be deemed to get erred from membership if he or she is in arrears for around 6 months and has not responded to the request of payment arrears.

This implies that one can remain as a member of the Labour Party ( even not joining in the party elections) for six months without making payments on subs.

Reports have been found made by people that they are being rolled for many years.

  • Notify the Party

The next step to follow is to notify the Labour Party membership cancellation to the Labour party Secretary of the constituency by writing about resigning from the membership.

For further clearance, members can post or forward the composed letter along with enclosing the card of membership, or anything left over through an email will be enough.

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