How To Cancel Loot Crate Subscription

How To Cancel Loot Crate Subscription

Loot Crate launched in the year 2012. Loot Crate provides boxes of subscriptions to the gamers. It also helps the geeks with the monthly membership for gaming purposes.

Loot Crate™ is a broad administrator in facing marketing missions. It brings the world together through the fandom rampage.

It deals in four types crates such as:

  • The limited-edition crates,
  • Pop Culture crates,
  • Gaming crates, and
  • Film TV crates.

The subscribers on Loot and Crate are increasing day by day with 200,000 in more than 10 countries. It has linked up as partners with Minecraft, Nickelodeon, Harry Potter, WWE, and many more.

As we have seen many of them have subscribed to the boxes of Loot Crate there is also a time that members decide to cancel their Loot Crate subscription whenever it does not look fruitful for them. You can cancel the Loot Crate anytime whenever you don’t want to continue with the services it offers.

And because of this, you can also have questions in your mind like –

  • ‘How to cancel Loot Crate subscription?’
  • ‘How do I cancel my Loot Crate subscription?’
  • ‘How do you cancel your Loot Crate subscription?’

So in order to clear all your confusion and the answers to all your questions are here, as we will be discussing on the Loot Crate how to cancel subscriptions. But first, let us take a look at why there is a need for cancellation of Loot Crate subscription arises in one’s mind.

Intentions For Cancelling The Loot Crate Subscription

  1. In order to save money.
  2. Not satisfied with the products, or
  3. Late delivery.

1. In order to save money:

Loot Crates cost much as the company provides us with monthly boxes. If we go for the cancellation of the Loot Crates subscription we may save our bulky amount.

2. Not satisfied with the products:

Usually, we may not know the quality of the products that will be delivered to us. We can cancel the Loot Crates subscriptions anytime if we are not satisfied with the quality products.

3. Late deliveries:

Nowadays, due to the pandemic, it is considerable for the delay in deliveries but on normal days it is not. You can directly cancel the loot crate subscription if you come across such a situation.

Methods For Cancel My Loot Crate Subscription

We must keep in mind that we cannot cancel our Loot Crate subscription in the following ways:

  1. Cancellation over the phone.
  2. Cancellation by delivering letters.
  3. Cancellation by visiting in person to the center.

Cancellation Can Be Done Manually By Methods Such As

  • Loot Crate how to cancel the subscription through online.
  • How to cancel Loot Crate subscription by email.

How Do I Cancel My Subscription To Loot Crate

In order to cancel the Loot Crate subscriptions, you will need to provide the following account information.

  • Your name in full.
  • Contact Number.
  • Cancellation reasons.
  • Username and Password.
  • Email ID.
  • Billing address.
  • Cards last four digits used in the subscription.
  • Last payment details with date and amount.

1. Loot Crate How To Cancel The Subscription Through Online

  1. Login:

    You need to go to the website of the loot crate and sign in with the details.

  2. Cancel the subscription:

    Then you need to go to the Payment option and choose to cancel the subscriptions.

  3. Provide info:

    You will be asked for the information regarding your accounts. You need to provide the details correctly so that the cancellation process becomes easy.

  4. Confirmation code:

    Now note down the confirmation code you received.

  5. Double check:

    You need to check that when your billing ends and auto-debit of the amount is being stopped or not.

2. How To Cancel Loot Crate Subscription By Email:

  • Compose an Email:
    Firstly,  write an email for Loot Crate subscription cancellation.
  • Specify the reason for cancellation:
    Then state your reason for the cancellation of the Loot Crate.
  • Mailing address:
    Now you need to deliver the email to the address-
  • Check inbox:
    • Wait for the reply and check the spam folders.
    • Keep the email and save it as confirmation. You need to contact me again after 3-4 days for the confirmation.
    • You also need to check that your subscription is ended or not. If it is not canceled then contact the Loot Crates customer agent immediately.

How to cancel the Loot Crate DoNotPay app

If the two above processes are lengthy for you then you can also try the app method for cancel of Loot Crate subscription.

You can use your mobile or desktop for cancellation by using DoNotPay app.

The following steps will be helpful for cancelling the subscription:

  1. First and foremost, download the app from the Apple Store if you are an iOS user or directly browse on your desktop computer.
  2. Then, you need to choose the Find Hidden Money option.
  3. After that type ‘Loot Crate’ so it can be canceled.
  4. A confirmation mail will be delivered to you.
  5. Keep it for further references so that you can provide it whenever asked for.

How do I cancel the Loot Crate subscription auto-renewal:

Cancellation can be anytime but if not canceled then the auto-renewal system will charge for the next month’s subscription. You need to cancel before 2 days of your next scheduled date.

Refund policy after cancellation:

After the cancellation of a Loot Crate, you can receive a refund for the current period.

Pause the Loot crate subscription:

Loot crate subscription can be paused for a period of one month.

Thus, from the above-mentioned methods, you can go for the easy cancellation of Loot Crate subscription and can contact the customer care service for further assistance.

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