How Do You Cancel Blue Apron Account

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Before going to learn ‘How to cancel Blue Apron’ let us first know ‘what is Blue Apron is?’

  • The Blue Apron comes as a ‘kit of meals’ with subscription services for the members. Blue Apron is an American-based based that includes American recipes and ingredients and operates exclusively in the United States of America.
  • Blue Apron provides meal boxes every week.
  • The Blue Apron meal on weekly boxes also includes recipes that are suggested and must be hand-cooked by the consumer with the help of using the ingredients that are pre-ordered.
  • Although Blue Apron tries to offer services its best, it may happen sometimes that you may face situations where any reason might arise for which you have to go for the Blue Apron account cancellation.

So, in this article we will discuss the topic of ‘How do I cancel Blue Apron’, ‘How hard is it to cancel Blue Apron’, and so on.

How To Cancel A Blue Apron Subscription

To cancel the Blue Apron account does not seem much hard and is quite simple if you follow thoroughly all the cancellation steps.

In order to cancel the Blue Apron account, you can connect to the Blue Apron Customer Support team, and the representatives will respond to you as per your requirement.

There are also some other methods available, through which you can go through the Blue Apron cancellation process.

How To Cancel Blue Apron Service

The different methods by which you can complete the Blue Apron cancellation process are as follows:-

(i) Blue Apron cancels a subscription by Email.

(ii) Blue Apron cancels a subscription by Phone.

(iii) How to cancel your Blue Apron
subscription via Online.

The Blue Apron cancellation process is discussed in detail below:-

(i) How to cancel a Blue Apron account by Email:

To cancel a Blue Apron account via email, here is the process that you need to follow:-

  • The address at which you need to send your cancellation mail is
  • Here, you need to compose an email requesting the company to cancel the Blue Apron subscription account.
  • Also, furnish all your account information and personal details at the time of writing your email.
  • To get the response from the Blue Apron Customer Support team you need to hold for a while so that they see the email and respond with the required instructions that you need to follow such that your Blue Apron subscription account gets canceled entirely and successfully.

(ii) How To Cancel My Blue Apron Account Over The Phone

We can also cancel our Blue Apron account over the phone by making direct contact with the Blue Apron service executives. Go through the process below to cancel your Blue Apron account via Phone:

  • First, we need to dial the Blue Apron cancellation number at 888-278-4349 to talk to the Blue Apron Customer Support service.
  • We must keep ready with us all our account details and personal information, to provide the agent whenever they ask for what may require for the cancellation of the Blue Apron subscription account.
  • We must also make sure to ask the agent for the confirmation mail on the successful cancellation of our Blue Apron account as a record and must also try to follow all their instructions step by step as described by them.

(iii) How To Cancel A Blue Apron Account Through The Online Process

Follow 9 Steps

  1. Visit the Blue Apron official website:

    Firstly, through your preferred web browser, go to the official website of Blue Apron @

  2. Log In to your account:

    Then you need to log in to your Blue Apron subscription account with the required credentials.

  3. Select ‘Manage’:

    Now, click on the ‘Manage’ section.

  4. Select ‘Cancel Meal’:

    Next, a list of options will pop up on the screen from there select the ‘Cancel Meal’ tab.

  5. Cancel your particular orders on Blue Apron:

    Now, click on the Blue Apron orders to cancel.

  6. Select the ‘Upcoming’ link:

    Then you have to click on the link named ‘Upcoming’ present in the upper bar to cancel.

  7. Select on ‘Manage Delivery’ option:

    Go to the button on ‘Manage Delivery’ to manage your Blue Apron orders to cancel.

  8. Tap on the option ‘Skip This Delivery’:

    From the options available in the ‘Manage Delivery’ section select the option ‘Skip This Delivery’.

  9. Press the ‘Skip’ button:

    Now a message will appear on your screen to make sure the decision on Blue Apron cancellation. You need to press the ‘Skip’ option which will allow you for the Blue Apron account cancellation.

How To Cancel Blue Apron On App

To cancel your Blue Apron order via the app you can go through the same procedure mentioned above on the ‘Online’ method.

You just need to go to your Blue Apron account on the app and then follow the further process by clicking the ‘Manage’ section.

Can I Cancel Blue Apron Anytime

The answer to this question is ‘Yes’. We can cancel our Blue Apron anytime. But as per the Blue Apron cancellation policy, we must also take note if any of our orders is showing as ‘Order Shipped’ or  ‘Processed Order’ at the ‘Upcoming’ link on Blue Apron particular orders, then it cannot be canceled as the order has already been processed.

And the one who is to be responsible will be you for all the charges including the tax and other charges which will be applicable for the orders that have been processed.

Blue Apron Cancellation Fee

The subscription on the Blue Apron account is continuous and will get renewed automatically until you do not choose the Blue Apron subscription account to cancel. And if by chance, you wish to cancel the Blue Apron subscription, you can do so either after the free trial week i.e cancel Blue Apron after the first week or cancel seven days before your next period on the billing cycle otherwise you might get charged for the next following week.

Blue Apron won’t charge you any cancellation fee to cancel your subscription in the given time and there is also a possibility where you can re-subscribe to the Blue Apron subscription anytime.


Blue Apron always aims to satisfy its subscribers to experience the incredible Blue Apron services. So if you want to cancel Blue Apron read through this article on ‘How to cancel Blue Apron order’. If you have any queries, without any hesitation contact the Customer Care Service team.

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