Cancel Manscaped Subscription

How To Cancel Manscaped Subscription

To cancel the subscription which you no longer wish to use has been made easy for you. Here on this page, we shall be providing guidance in detail about Manscaped canceling a subscription

Manscaped is one of the famous male grooming and hygiene platforms that has been trusted and counted by 2 million men over the globe.

In case you are one of its subscribers but do not desire to continue, it allows its users to cancel their subscription or order anytime and anywhere by simply sending an email to its customer support service.

Usually, you may find the Manscaped official email address in the cancellation policy and on its auto-renewal terms which will be on the official website of Manscaped.

The only thing you can do is send an email to Manscaped making a request to cancel Manscaped’s subscription account.

How To Cancel Manscaped Order Subscription

In order to cancel Manscaped’s subscription, the method that you need to perform is much simpler and easy which is to send an email to its support service team.
Here are the steps stated in detail:

  1. Compose a requesting email:

    First, you need to write an email whereby make a request to cancel your subscription order.

  2. Forward it to the Manscaped customer team:

    Next,  forward the composed mail to its respective Manscaped official address at

  3. Provide the essential details:

    In the next step, you must provide the details of your account, so that the cancellation of the subscription can be made easily.

  4. Ask about a confirmation email:

    Then, make sure to get a confirmation email or number from Manscaped company on successful cancellation.

  5. Hit on ‘Send’:

    Lastly, when your email has been completed, hit the button on ‘Send’, and then it is done.

Note: You need to know that the procedure may require four to five working days in order to complete the cancellation process.

Final Say:

Hence, we surely hope that the above-stated blog on Manscaped subscription cancellation will help you to solve the issue. In case you face any sort of problem then you can contact the Manscaped customer support team for further guidance.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is it easy to cancel Manscaped?

Yes, one can easily cancel Manscaped by simply sending an email to the customer support team at

Do you have to subscribe to Manscaped?

No, there is no specific need for customers to subscribe to Manscaped. One can visit the official website whenever one wishes to.

Can I get a refund on the MANSCAPED subscription?

Yes, one can request a refund on a MANSCAPED subscription.

How do I get my money back from MANSCAPED?

To get money back from MANSCAPED one must visit the ‘Contact Us’ page and click on ‘Return’. Further, follow the instructions to proceed further. On the other hand, customers can reach out to the customer service team through email:

How often should you replace Manscaped?

It is recommended to replace the Manscaped blades every two to three months for hygiene, sharpness, and efficiency purposes.

Did Manscaped make a deal on Shark Tank?

To date, it is not known about Manscaped finalizing the deal with Mark & Lori.

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