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How To Cancel LA Times Subscription

Do you want LA Times newspaper subscription cancellation? If the answer is ‘Yes’, then read through this guide which will let you learn all the possible methods on how to cancel an LA Times e-subscription.

Los Angeles Times or commonly known as LA Times is a daily newsletter service which is based in California. It gets published both online and in print with the tier form subscription services that enable the readers with exclusive subjects, and home delivery features, and could be accessed through all devices.

Let us now move ahead with the various methods to cancel the LA Times membership.

How to cancel LA Times membership

For its readers, LA Times delivers several different means so that its members can manage their account subscriptions as well as cancel LA Times subscriptions.

These are the methods that you can employ in order to cancel your LA Times online subscription:

  • Over the Phone
  • Via an Email
  • By Online Form
  • Through Mail

We shall look into these methods in detail below.

i. How to cancel LA Times online subscription over the phone by using the LA Times cancellation number

The steps that you need to follow so as to cancel LA Times online membership are:

  1. Dial the LA Times cancel subscription phone number:

    Firstly, call at 1-800-88-TIMES or you can dial the LA Times customer support number at 1(800) 252-9141.

  2. Hold for their response:

    Next, you may require to wait for some time till the LA Times agent responds to you back.

  3. Request for cancellation:

    In the next step, ask the agent to cancel the LA Times subscription and do not wish to continue it further.

  4. Furnish the required details:

    Then, provide the necessary information about your subscription account so that the agent could identify it and further cancel the subscription.

  5. Ask for confirmation:

    Lastly, make sure to ask about a confirmation email or number of the cancellation as a future record.

ii. How to cancel LA Times digital subscription via an Email

Here are the steps which are required to follow:

  • Compose an Email:
    At first, write an email making a request to cancel the subscription.
  • Include required information:
    Next, include all necessary information that is associated with the account subscription.
  • Send an email to the company’s email address:
    Now, send the composed email to the email address
  • Ask to get you a confirmation email:
    Finally, make sure to receive a confirmation number or email on your LA Times membership cancellation.

iii. How to cancel LA Times subscription online through the form

The other method which you can perform to cancel the LA Times subscription online is to fill out the cancellation form.

Step1: Visit the LA Times website:
First, go to the official website of the LA Times.

Step2: Go to the Online Contact Form:
Next, directly navigate to the LA Times online contact cancellation form which you need to fill with the necessary details about the subscription cancellation.

iv. How to cancel my LA Times subscription through the mail

To cancel LA Times digital subscription the steps you need to follow are:

  1. Write about the cancellation to LA Times:
    You need to write on making a cancellation request to the LA Times firm.
  2. Send it to the below-stated address:
    Once you write it, send it to the mentioned address at-
    Los Angeles Times
    2300 E Imperial Highway
    El Segundo, CA 90245

Hence, that’s all on LA Times cancellation hope you find it helpful, in case you have any queries get contacted with the LA Times cancel subscription number for further assistance.

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