Cancel Muzmatch Subscription

How To Cancel Muzmatch Subscription

Muzmatch is the dating application platform that is mainly preferred for Muslims. This platform plays the role to facilitate single Muslims in meeting each other. The best of it is that this app brings out marriages instead of a casual dates or hook up.

In case you are one with the subscription but now wish to cancel it, whichever reason it might be, then this article is just for you. So we advise you to continue reading till the end of this page.

How to cancel Muzmatch subscription on iPhone/ iPad device

Step a: To start, launch ‘Settings’ and click on the ‘Profile’ icon.

Step b: Now, select the ‘Subscriptions’ tab, or on the other hand click on iTunes/Appstore tab.

Step c: Now, click Apple ID.

Step d: View the Apple ID and further sign in to the account and locate the ‘Subscriptions’ section.

Step e: In the next step, select the subscription on ‘Muzmatch’ so as to cancel.

Step f: At last, hit the ‘Cancel’ option. Once it has been canceled it will not be renewed automatically.

How to cancel Muzmatch on Android

The steps one must follow are:

  • Firstly, go to Google Play Store and look you are signed in with the correct google account by which you have earned the subscription.
  • Next, click the menu and then select ‘Subscriptions’.
  • In the next step, choose the ‘Muzmatch’ subscription the one you need to cancel.
  • Now, hit the tab on ‘Cancel Subscription.
  • Then carefully follow the prompted instructions to finish.

How do I Cancel Muzmatch on Mac

To cancel a subscription on Muzmatch through Mac, the following steps must be performed:

  1. To initiate open Mac App Store.
  2. Now, click ‘Profile Name’ which is near the sidebar.
  3. Next, hit the tab on ‘View Information’ which is located on the upper side of the screen, and also sign in to the account when needed.
  4. Now scroll to the following screen and locate ‘Subscriptions’.
  5. Next, tap on the ‘Manage’ ‘tab.
  6. Hit on ‘Edit’, near the ‘Muzmatch’ app and further select the option on ‘Cancel Subscription.

How to cancel Muzmatch membership on PayPal

In order to cancel Muzmatch, one must go through the below-stated points:

  • First, visit the website of and then log in to the account.
  • Select ‘Settings’ near the ‘Log out tab.
  • Next, tap on ‘Payments’ from the pop-up menu, and then on the ‘Automatic Payments’ dashboard select on ‘Manage Automatic Payments.
  • Then, select on ‘Muzmatch’ subscription.
  • The page on confirmation will appear. Tap on the ‘Cancel Automatic Payments’ button and confirm that you desire to quit the payments made to Muzmatch.
  • Finally, click on ‘Done’ to finish the cancellation.

How to cancel my premium subscription on Muzmatch via Website

Here it on how to cancel by reaching the company’s support service through the website:

First, visit Muzmatch’s official website.

Next, log in to the account by using the username and password.

Now, in the menu tab, choose any of the stated options: ‘Subscription’, ‘Manage account’, ‘Billing’, ‘Settings’, and ‘Payment’.

Further, tap on the provided link and follow the instructions to cancel the subscription successfully.

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