How To Cancel myFICO Subscription?

Confused about ‘Can I cancel myFICO online’ or ‘How to cancel myFICO subscription?’ We just came up with the ultimate solution for you that will help you to clear all your doubts.

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myFICO application monitors the credit score that permits the members to track the changes in their credit. It also provides them with the reports and correlates results with three bureaus: Experian, TransUnion, and Equifax. It is a portion of the FICO community and comprises over 23M members.

How to cancel myFICO membership manually

To cancel myFICO users can reach out to the company on their own and can request a cancellation by two means:

  • Through Online
  • Over Phone

1. How to cancel myFICO Online on account

To cancel myFICO membership, one must proceed through the steps as stated:

  1. Step1:

    First, visit the official website of myFICO at cancel window.

  2. Step2:

    Enter the relevant details and log in to the myFICO subscription account.

  3. Step3:

    Now, search and click on the ‘My Subscriptions’ section which is to the right of the screen.

  4. Step4:

    Then, hit the ‘Cancel Subscription’ tab.

  5. Step5:

    At last, a verification page will be notified to you confirming myFICO cancellation.

2. How to cancel myFICO account over the Phone

2. How to cancel myFICO account over the Phone

To perform myFICO cancel membership, the steps one needs to follow are:-

  1. Call myFICO customer service phone number by dialing number at 1-800-319-4433.
  2. Now, talk to the executive team and request them to cancel the subscription. Take note, as the rep generally strives to prevent cancellation by proposing a varied range of membership discounts.
  3. In the next step, confirm the details on billing and the account as asked by the representative.
  4. Hold for a while to get the confirmation on cancellation and also request a confirmation number.

Note:- The customer service team working period is from Monday to Friday and the timing is from 6 a.m.- 6 p.m.

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