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Looking for modes to cancel Octopus Energy, this article will guide you with the information. There are other topics also included on this page – how to cancel octopus energy and the octopus energy cancellation fee.

What is Octopus Energy Cancel Account 

Octopus Energy is considered as a British energy renewable company specializing in sustainable energy. New users need to create an account at Octopus Energy where they receive notifications of their bill charges, and how much energy is consumed. There is an option to track your payments that you paid online using your debit or credit cards making it easier for customers to keep an eye on your account.

To enjoy the services at Octopus account one needs to purchase a plan whether variable or fixed rate plan as conditioned in the terms and policy of Octopus Energy.

The company is loyal to customers and the customer support team is always ready to offer a helping hand when any user feels the need for it.

When any customer wishes to switch to a different provider because of some issue, customer team assistance is the best option to make the request for canceling Octopus Energy.

Reading till the end will provide clear-cut answers on the cancellation of Octopus Energy.

 How do I cancel my Octopus Energy Account?

If you no longer want to use the energy at Octopus you need to contact customer service within 14 days observing the day you presented the return application request.

  • Select the Email option to write about the request to cancel the service at Explain the issue briefly so that it can be easily understandable and proceed to initiate the cancellation process.
  • Dial -0808-164-1088 to request customer support for assistance to process the cancellation. Provide account details so that they can verify your account and proceed to cancel the services. You will be notified of the cancellation via mail or a letter from the company.
  • Visit is another option to get help from the support team in order to make a request for canceling the Octopus Energy services.

Octopus Energy Cancellation Fees

Purchase the energy at a fixed term but later on you can change to other plan rates. In case your plan is still under the term contract and you decide to end it then the company sells the remaining energy. The price of the energy fluctuates and so a cancellation fee has been attached to your account on the exit of users with contracts in the long term. This helps the company to sell the customers remaining energy and compensate for the losses.

The tariff fixed rate mentioned 24m and 36m expelled from August 2022 expelled from fees on cancellation. Changing tenancy does not appear with any cancellation fees or switching to a new provider within 60 days of the fixed-term contract.

Some providers charge early cancellation but in case the notice to leave the service is provided in 49 days, no charges will be incurred on those customers.

Customers should receive notification between 42 and 49 working days that the plan is going to end from the supplier prior to the end of the fixed contract term.

During this period customers are not charged any charges by the suppliers.

Still, if you are being charged after making a cancellation request at the mentioned period you can write to and receive assistance.

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