Duke Energy Cancel Service

Cancelling Duke Energy seems to be hard for some users especially if they are moving to a new location or want to change to a different provider. In this article, customers will be guided with the knowledge to cancel Duke Energy.

What is Duke Energy Cancellation

Duke Energy is considered a company leading in providing energy mainly enrapt on power plans and gas distribution, and other services of energy incorporating an expanding portfolio of sustainable assets of energy.

The services of Duke Energy is offered for Residential and Business purpose. One can cancel or stop the service at any time by reaching customer support.

Whether you are subscribed to a Residential or Business plan you can opt to move out of the subscription by providing advance notice before canceling the services at Duke Energy.

Although the services offered seem to be better still customers might make their way to a different provider.

How can you  cancel your Duke Energy Account Online

As a user of the services you already have a customer account where you can check your ongoing bill transactions and also energy plans, you are subscribed to.

Variable plans do not appear with cancellation fees but Fixed Plans indeed require a fee for cancellation. It is important to go through the contract and check the remaining period left to end the contract. You can wait and then make the request to end the power at Duke Energy.

If there is an emergency to transfer your location then provide advance notice to the company by contacting the customer team and stating the reason in order to avoid any cancellation payment.

The following steps will help you with Duke Energy cancellation using the service number:-

  1. Dial the phone number of Duke Energy -800-777-9898 to reach one of the executives.
  2. Request them to assist you with the cancellation.
  3. Provide the reason for canceling and also account-related details to the rep.
  4. Also, ask them to cancel the auto debit payments at Duke Energy.
  5. You need to wait to receive the confirmation letter of cancellation from the company.

Once done your account will be canceled and no further payments are required to be paid.

The other method to ask to cancel Duke Energy services is by visiting the website. Whether you are a residential or business customer you can stop service at any moment. Provide the address where you do not want to continue the service, and next, give the service date when you want to stop the service at the location. Verification of the holder is indeed important so you need to provide your valid account information. Next, tap on Cancel Service.

In order to cancel the progress service at Duke Energy contact Customer Center -at 800-544-6900.


In some cases, you might confront scammers requesting you to provide personal information. Sometimes you might be asked to pay bills online by clicking on the link they provide. Such situations are not rare and the company does not ask to reveal any personal information over email or phone or text messages. You can directly contact customer support by dialing the number available on the billing page.

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