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Parents Magazine is a kind of monthly magazine that promotes knowledge assisting parents in raising their children. They have more than 2M subscribers to their magazine. It is published monthly. This magazine delivered several categories and topics from parents, pregnant women, and children. This website even proposes free membership in which users can go through the content freely on it.

Yet, if you feel like you do not need this subscription anymore and wish to cancel the Parents Magazine subscription then go through the guide stated below.


Before heading into the process of cancellation make sure to keep the pieces of details ready.

  • Full name of the member
  • Contact Number
  • Username
  • The password of the account
  • Email Address
  • Address of billing
  • City
  • Province/ State/ Region
  • ZIP Code
  • Country
  • Cancellation Reason
  • Last four numbers of the card
  • Amount last charged
  • Date last charged

Method for canceling.

How to cancel Parents Magazine over the Phone

  1. Dial the Parents Magazine Customer support phone number at 888-616-7679
  2. Talk to the representative that you desire to cancel the subscription.
  3. Provide the details of the account to the representative.
  4. Make sure to ask about getting the confirmation email or number on cancellation.
  5. Remember to retain the email on cancellation carefully for future use.

How to perform Parents Magazine cancel a subscription on iPhone/iPad

The steps to follow are:

  • Firstly, initiate the ‘Settings’ app on your iPhone device and click on the ‘Name’ of the account holder.
  • Now, hit the tab on ‘Subscriptions’.
    If you do not see this option, click on the 
    ‘iTunes & Appstore’ section.
  • Click on the Apple ID and then ‘View Apple ID’. Further sign in to the account and scroll below to locate the button on ‘Subscriptions’.
  • In the next step, tap on the ‘Parents Magazine subscription that you wish to review.
  • Finally, click the tab on ‘Cancel’ and the process is completed.

How to cancel a Parents Magazine subscription on an Android device

Here are the steps that one must follow:

  1. First, go to Google Play Store and make sure you are signed in with the correct Google account.
  2. Hit on the ‘Menu’ tab and navigate to the ‘Subscriptions’ section.
  3. Next, select the ‘Parents Magazine subscription’, that you desire to cancel.
  4. Then, hit the option on ‘Cancel Subscription’ and finish the process as prompted.

When the subscription to Parents Magazine gets removed from Google Play, the future subscriptions will also get canceled.

How to do Parenting Magazine cancel subscription on Mac computer

In order to cancel the subscription to Parents Magazine on Mac, the steps one must follow are:

  1. Step1:

    In the first step, open Mac App Store.

  2. Step2:

    Now, tap on the ‘Profile icon’ which is below the sidebar.

  3. Step3:

    In the next step, click on the ‘View Information section and then sign in to the account when asked.

  4. Step4:

    Then, scroll below to the following page, till you locate the tab on ‘Subscriptions’.

  5. Step5:

    Next, hit the tab on ‘Manage’.

  6. Step6:

    Tap on the ‘Edit’ button which is near the ‘Parents Magazine app’.

  7. Step7:

    At last, tap the ‘Cancel Subscription’ button to finish the procedure.

How to cancel my Parents Magazine subscription via the website

Following are the points you need to perform when the subscription is billed via the website:

  • To start with, go to the Parents Magazine official website on your preferred web browser.
  • Next, log in to the account by using the required credentials.
  • Now, in the ‘Menu’ section, you can search for any of the following options: ‘Subscription’, ‘Billing’, ‘Manage account’, ‘Settings’, and ‘Payment’.
  • Finally, select the provided link and follow the instructions prompted to cancel the subscription.

Users can find the information of the company, to whom you can contact directly to deal with the issue related to the cancellation of the subscription.

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