How To Cancel Sling Tv Subscription

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Sling TV is a combination of new and old channels. It offers classic cable channels such as CNN, History, and Cartoon without any cable package charges. Perhaps, these channels can be streamed through an internet connection. Without breaking out the old VCR, shows can be recorded for hours just like the cable packages. If a user has a small budget for entertainment then the cost of the monthly scheme membership is marginally higher than other streaming platforms.

Depending on the package subscribed through Sling TV, it charges 30$ to 45$ a month. However, 13$ is charged for a standard Netflix connection, 11.99$ only for Hulu, and 6.99$ for Disney. Sling TV service can be easily canceled through the account profile. Users with regular membership can use it till the expiry of the subscription. Whereas if the user is on a free trial, it will cease automatically.

If a user wants to cancel the subscription to Sling TV then it can be done by following the procedure discussed herein.

Points To Remember Before Sling TV Subscription Cancel

The following points should be kept in mind while moving forward to cancel the Sling TV subscription.

  • Simply by selecting the blue button through the Sling Tv account profile, a user can cancel the Sling Tv subscription.
  • Sling Tv subscription can only be canceled online. Deleting the Sling Tv app from devices such as Smartphones, Laptops, and Smart TVs does not cancel the Sling Tv subscription.
  • 30$ is charged per month for the two limited packages of the channels of Sling Tv. While combining the two packages along with other channels to bring it up to 53 channels, Sling Tv charges 45$ per month.

Hence, these tips will provide beneficiaries in the process of cancellation of Sling Tv subscription.

Steps To Cancel Sling TV Subscription

To cancel the paid subscription to Sling TV, read the steps mentioned below.

  1. Step. 1

    Visit the Sling TV account page to log in to the account.

  2. Step. 2

    Click on the blue button indicating the cancel subscription link on the account page.

  3. Step. 3

    Then, select ‘Cancel Subscription’ to confirm in the pop-up window.

  4. Step. 4

    Now, next to the package type and cost, click on the green toggle. Repeat the process if there are any add-ons included.

  5. Step. 5

    Then, select ‘Cancel All’ after it turns blue.

  6. Step. 6

    Next, select the reason for canceling Sling TV from the options provided. If the user selects ‘ I’m not watching television enough to pay for the service’ or ‘I’m trying to save money, then Sling TV might provide discounts if the service is continued.

  7. Step. 7

    Finally, proceed with the selection of ‘Confirm My Cancellation’.

  8. Step. 8

    Thus, with the help of the above steps a user can cancel a Sling Tv subscription.

Pause Instead Of Cancel Sling TV Subscription

Sling Tv offers the facility to pause the subscription for a while, keeping in mind for the convenience of the user, the method is simplified below.

  • Visit the Sling TV account page and then log in to the account.
  • On the ‘My Account’ section continue by selecting ‘Pause Subscription’.
  • Select from the options provided between 1-3 months.

Finally, follow the on-screen instructions to pause the Sling TV subscription for a while. The service will stop from the start of the next billing cycle. Users accessing promotional offers such as free trials, prepay bundles, annual plans, a gift card for payment, signed up through an affiliated retail partner, or payment done through Amazon Pay are not permitted to pause their subscription to Sling TV.

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