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Sun Basket belongs to a food-delivery firm in San Francisco. It aims to deliver fresh and organic food while at the same time emphasizing sustainable development.

It prepares meal plans that are fully customized. Yet if being a member you do not want to continue it and desire to cancel Sun Basket then one can cancel this any time.

Here we have illustrated the different means of Sun Basket canceling a subscription.

How to cancel Sun Basket Manually

In case you do not want the subscription anymore, there are various modes to cancel the subscription Sun Basket as per Sun Basket’s cancellation policy has been mentioned below.

How to cancel Sun basket subscription on the Account

To cancel the membership directly from the account on Sun Basket, the steps required to proceed are:

  1. Step1:

    First log in to the Sun Basket Account, by entering the required details such as username and password.

  2. Step2:

    Locate the ‘Manage My Subscriptions’ section.

  3. Step3:

    Next, click on the ‘Cancel my Subscription’ tab.

  4. Step4:

    A box to provide a reason for cancellation will appear. Hit the ‘No’ option.

  5. Step5:

    Tap on the ‘Close’ button.

It will send a confirmation email on canceling the account.

Note: Users need to cancel the subscription before the stated cut-off time to prevent getting charged on the next delivery period.

How do I cancel my Sun Basket over the Phone?

The steps on Sun Basket on how to cancel over the Phone are as follows:

  • Call Sun Basket to cancel by dialing the Sun Basket phone number to cancel at 866-786-2758. They are available from Monday to Friday, timing 8 am-5 pm.
  • Talk to its customer support representative to cancel the membership account.
  • Specify the reason to cancel if desired. Ask for a confirmation email on cancellation.

How to cancel my Sun Basket subscription via Email

Members can forward an online form by sending an email to the Sun Basket team at any time. For this one must:

  1. Firstly, visit the service center window of Sun Basket.
  2. Tap on the ‘Email Us’ tab.
  3. Furnish the Name of the user and details of the account.
  4. State that you desire to cancel the subscription.

Hold for a while, as it may take some time to receive a response from the firm.

How to perform Sun Basket cancel membership via Text

Following are the steps to cancel Sun Basket membership via Text message:

  • Write a text, stating to cancel the subscription.
  • Send the text at  +1732-402-0156 from Monday to Friday timing from 8 a.m. – 5 pm PT
  • Wait for the response from the customer support team of Sun Basket

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