Cancel Turbotax Subscription

Are you done with Turbotax? This guide is just for you. So keep reading it till the end of this page.

How to cancel Turbotax Deluxe on an iOS device

To cancel the subscription, the steps to follow are:

  1. Step i:

    Click on Settings on the device and tap on the Account icon.

  2. Step ii:

    Select the ‘Subscriptions’ tab, if you do not see this tab, click the section on iTunes & Appstore.

  3. Step iii:

    Tap on Apple ID, click to View Apple ID, and sign into the Turbotax account.

  4. Step iv:

    By scrolling down, select the tab on ‘Subscriptions’.

  5. Step v:

    Next, find and hit the ‘Turbotax’ subscription to cancel.

  6. Step vi:

    Tap the button on ‘Cancel’ to finish.

How to cancel Turbotax filing on Android

Here are the steps to cancel Turbotax Deluxe on an Android device:

  1. Open Google Play Store.
  2. Select Menu and click on the ‘Subscriptions’ section.
  3. Now, hit on ‘Turbotax Deluxe’ to review.
  4. Next, choose the ‘Cancel Subscription option.
  5. Then, carefully follow the prompted instructions.

How to cancel Turbotax on Mac

To cancel Turbotax on Mac, one must follow the steps below:

  • Go to Mac App Store.
  • Click on the Account icon which is below the sidebar.
  • Select ‘View Information’ and then sign in to your Turbotax account in case needed.
  • Scroll to the following screen and find the tab on ‘Subscriptions’.
  • Click the ‘Manage’ tab.
  • Select ‘Edit’ next to ‘Turbotax’ subscription.
  • Finally, click on the ‘Cancel Subscription’ option to finish.

How to cancel Turbotax subscription on PayPal

To cancel your Turbotax card subscription on a PayPal device here is what you need to do:

  • Go to and then log in to your account on PayPal.
  • In the next step, open ‘Settings’.
  • Click ‘Payments’ and go to the ‘Automatic Payments’ section and select on ‘Manage Automatic Payments’ tab
  • Now, choose ‘Turbotax’ from the given merchant’s list to cancel the Turbotax payment. A confirmation window will get displayed.
  • Then, hit the ‘Cancel Automatic Payments’ button to confirm the cancellation of the subscription on Turbotax.
  • Lastly, tap the ‘Done’ button on the verification page to complete the procedure.

One can also cancel the subscription via the website

So the steps you must follow are:

Step I:
At first visit

Step ii:
Now ‘Log In’ to the account.

Step iii:
Select on ‘Profile’ section.

Step iv:
Tap any of these options on ‘Subscriptions’, ‘Payments’, or ‘Billings’.

Step v:
Then, hit the button on ‘Cancel’.

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