Top Tips for Successfully Ending Your Teachable Subscription

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Worried about not being able to cancel Scholastic Teachable Subscription. This page is the need of the hour if you want to cancel the Teachable membership.

A brief on Teachable: A platform where you can sell courses online and also the option to create is available to the users to showcase their talents. You can create an account and get a free version to test for 14 days before moving to a paid subscription.

How do I cancel My Teachable Account Subscription:

If you made up your mind to cancel the Teachable Subscription, you can surely cancel it and move to Free Plan automatically. You can enter the account and students present can enrol in the items they bought. But there is one issue: the features which you get on a paid subscription will not be retrieved. 

Point to note that the school owner has the eligibility to cancel the subscription to a teachable school. Also, do not forget to delete the domains making the Teachable to Primary Domain.

The following instructions will help you to cancel your Scholastic Teachable Account:-

  1. Go to Settings follow the Plan option and then open up the school’s Plan page.
  2. Here you will see the current plan just tap on the Cancel Plan text.
  3. A list of features will appear on the screen on cancelling my Teachable account. Tap the option “Cancel Plan”.
  4. Write the Cancellation Reason on the next page and tap on the Confirm button. 
  5. After you cancel, the subscription only ends at the end of the billing cycle. This implies if you cancel the plan in the middle of the month you need to wait for the billing cycle to end till then you can enjoy the services offered.

Suppose there is no option to Cancel the Plan which implies the cycle is already ended.

Some might face issues with plan cancellation, a troubleshooting option is available on the site you can take the help and try resolving the problem.

After you cancel class teachable, as a creator you might miss the features that you were using during the subscription period:

  • No access to features, courses, certificates, etc.
  • Editing of contents is available after downgrading the plan. 
  • Students enrolled can get the course materials.

If you feel that your account is not cancelled and charges are made then please provide sufficient details and reach out to the customer support team to resolve the query.

How to delete Subscription Teachable School:

You can delete the School account if you are a Primary Owner. Deleting the account loses the school and the contents available on it.

  • Select the Settings option and pick the General option.
  • Now, go to the Delete School option and tap it.
  • Enter the URL of the school and tap the Delete button. 

In case you are a student or any user of the Teachable account, submit an email at also if you are an owner you can write to the same Email Address about the cancelling problem or any other account-related issues. You need to email using the registered Email Address linked with the Teachable School Account. 

Can students cancel the fixed payment plan on Teachable:

If the student is enrolled in a scheduled plan of fixed payment but no option of Cancel is available you can get in touch with the school owner or get assistance from the Customer team at directly to cancel Teachable Payments.

Refunds will be allowed by school owners in 30 days through Teachable.


I Hope, going through this article you can now have some idea about cancelling Payment on Teachable. If you find difficulty in making payments you can move to Teachable Payments in case the custom payment is not assessing payouts.

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